Sluggish weevil Cleonis pigra, copyright Katja Schulz.

Belongs within: Curculioninae.
Contains: Lixus, Larinus.

The Lixinae are relatively large weevils often associated with arid habitats (Anderson 2002).

Characters (from Anderson 2002): Large weevils, often grey or otherwise dull in colour and scale patter; rostrum short and wide or long and slender; labial palpi short, globular, telescoping, of three articles but appearing composed of one article, ventrally situated at apex of large prementum; females with large paired symbiont sacs attached to vagina near base of gonocoxites.

    |  i. s.: Broconius pallipes Zumpt 1938HF03
    |         Hypolixus nubilosus (Boheman 1836) [incl. H. ornatus Reiche 1857, Lixus ornatus]HF03
    |         Mecaspis baudii Faust 1887HF03
    |         Menecleonus anxius (Gyllenhal 1834)HF03
    |         Rhabdorrhynchus anchusae (Chevrolat 1854)HF03
    |         NefisB14
    |    |--Rhinocyllus Germar 1817A02
    |    |    |--*R. conicus (Froelich 1792)M94, A02
    |    |    `--R. oblongus Capiomont 1873HF03
    |    `--Bangasternus Gozis 1882 [incl. Coelostethus Capiomont 1873 non LeConte 1861]A02
    |         |--B. fausti Reitter 1890A02
    |         |--B. orientalis (Capiomont 1873)A02
    |         `--B. planifrons (Brullé 1832)HF03
    |    |--LixusG89
    |    |--LarinusGC-P14
    |    |--Eustenopus Petri 1907A02
    |    |    `--E. villosus (Boheman 1843)A02
    |    `--Microlarinus Hockhuth 1847A02
    |         |--M. lareynii (Jacquelin du Val 1852)A02
    |         |--M. lypriformis (Wollaston 1861)A02
    |         `--M. rhinocylloides Hochhuth 1847HF03
    `--Cleonini [Cleonides, Cleoninae]A02
         |--Scaphomorphus Motschulsky 1860 (see below for synonymy)A02
         |    `--‘Cleonidius’ poricollisM94
         |--Apleurus Chevrolat 1873 (see below for synonymy)A02
         |    `--A. albovestitusA02
         |--Cyphocleonus Motschulsky 1860A02
         |    `--C. achates (Fahraeus 1842)A02
         |--Stephanocleonus Motschulsky 1860 (see below for synonymy)A02
         |    |--S. fossulatusZ02
         |    `--S. plumbeusA02
         |--Adioristus Waterhouse 1841W41
         |    |--A. angustatus Waterhouse 1841W41
         |    |--A. conspersus Waterhouse 1841W41
         |    |--A. punctulatus Waterhouse 1841W41
         |    |--A. simplex Waterhouse 1841W41
         |    `--A. subdenudatus Waterhouse 1841W41
         `--Cleonis Dejean 1821 [=Cleonus; incl. Geomorphus Schoenherr 1823, Xerobia Gistel 1856]A02
              |--C. alternansR13
              |--C. candidus [=Lixus candidus]G89
              |--C. carinicollisC01
              |--C. flavicepsC01
              |--C. fossulatusC01
              |--C. hieroglyphicus [=Lixus hieroglyphicus]G89
              |--C. ophthalmicaR26
              |--C. pigra (Scopoli 1763)A02
              |--C. pulverulentusC01
              |--C. punctiventrisC01
              |--C. quadrivittatusC01
              |--C. sulcirostrisR26
              `--C. tigrinusC01

Apleurus Chevrolat 1873 [incl. Centrocleonus LeConte 1876 non Chevrolat 1873, Cleonaspis LeConte 1876, Cleonopsis LeConte 1876, Dinocleus Casey 1891, Gibbostethus Anderson 1988]A02

Scaphomorphus Motschulsky 1860 [=Scaphidomorphus Lacordaire 1863 non Hope 1841; incl. Cleonidius Casey 1891, Lixestus Reitter 1916]A02

Stephanocleonus Motschulsky 1860 [incl. Deracanthopsis Voss 1967, Eremocleonus Ter-Minasian 1974, Eucleonus Faust 1904, Sanzia Alonso-Zarazaga & Lyal 1999, Taeniocleonus Ter-Minasian 1974]A02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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