Axial (left) and equatorial sections of Lysella gadukensis, from Cózar & Vachard (2001).

Belongs within: Endothyroida.
Contains: Dainella, Bessiella, Paradainella, Endothyranopsidae, Loeblichiinae, Fusulinoida, Paralysella, Eostaffellidae, Reichelinidae.

The Loeblichiidae are a lineage of fusulinid Foraminifera from the lower Carboniferous with numerous chambers and true chomata that were regarded by Cózar & Vachard (2001) as including the ancestors of later fusulinids from the later Carboniferous and Permian. The latter, comprising the Fusulinacea, developed a distinctively complex internal structure, with the interiors of the numerous, short chambers modified by secondary deposits such as chomata, parachomata, tectoria or axial fillings (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

The Ozawainellidae are a group of fusulinids known from the upper Lower Carboniferous to the Upper Permian (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

<==Loeblichiidae [Fusulinacea, Loeblichinidae, Spinoendothyrinae]
    |--Inflatoendothyra Brazhnikova & Vdovenko in Vdovenko 1972CV01
    |    `--*I. inflata (Lipina 1955) (see below for synonymy)R-CB96
    |--Elergella Conil in Shilo et al. 1984CV01
    |    `--*E. simakovi Conil 1984R-CB96
    `--+--Spinoendothyra Lipina in Anonymous 1963CV01
       |    `--*S. costifera (Lipina 1955) [=Endothyra costifera]R-CB96
       |--+--Spinobrunsiina Conil & Longerstaey in Conil et al. 1980CV01
       |  `--Pseudoplanoendothyra Brazhnikova & Vdovenko in Brazhnikova 1982CV01
       |       `--*P. rotayi (Brazhnikova 1962) [=Quasiendothyra rotayi]R-CB96
       |--+--Banffella Mamet in Mamet & Skipp 1970CV01
       |  `--Urbanella Malakhova in Anonymous 1963 [Urbanellinae]CV01
       |       `--*U. urbana (Malakhova 1954) [=Quasiendothyra urbana]R-CB96
       `--+--Pseudochernyshinella Brazhnikova 1974CV01
          |    `--*P. biformis [=Endothyra subrotunda biformis]R-CB96
          `--Dainellinae [Dainellidae]CV01
               |  `--Vissarionovella Cózar & Vachard 2001CV01
               |       |--*V. tujmasensis (Vissarionova 1948) (see below for synonymy)CV01
               |       |--V. donzellii Cózar & Vachard 2001CV01
               |       `--V. llangollensis (Conil & Ramsbottom in Conil et al. 1981) [=Bessiella llangollensis]CV01
               |  |--+--EndothyranopsidaeCV01
               |  |  `--GloboendothyridaeM13
               |  |       |--EblanainaeM13
               |  |       `--GloboendothyrinaeM13
               |  |            |--Carbotarima Brenckle 2004M13
               |  |            |--Planogloboendothyra Hance, Hou & Vachard 2011M13
               |  |            `--Globoendothyra Reitlinger 1959R-CB96
               |  |                 |  i. s.: G. baileyiCM01
               |  |                 |         G. tomiliensisR79
               |  |                 |--*G. (Globoendothyra) globulus (Moeller 1878)R-CB96 (see below for synonymy)
               |  |                 `--G. (Eogloboendothyra Vdovenko 1972)R-CB96, CV01, R-CB96
               |  |                      `--G. (*E.) ‘parva’ (Tchernysheva 1948) (see below for synonymy)R-CB96
               |  `--+--LoeblichiinaeCV01
               |     |--+--FusulinoidaCV01
               |     |  `--Eoparastaffellina Vdovenko 1971CV01, R-CB96
               |     |       |--*E. subglobosa (Vdovenko 1971) [=Eoparastaffella (*Eoparastaffellina) subglobosa]R-CB96
               |     |       `--E. umbilicata (Bozorgnia 1973) [=Lysella umbilicata]CV01
               |     `--Eoparastaffella Vdovenko 1954LT64 [incl. Bozorgniella Cózar & Vachard 2001CV01]
               |          |--*E. simplex (Vdovenko 1954)R-CB96 (see below for synonymy)
               |          |--‘Dainella’ tumultuosa Bozorgnia 1973 [=*Bozorgniella tumultuosa]CV01
               |          |--‘Pseudoendothyra’ florigena Pronina 1963 [=Bozorgniella florigena, Eoparastaffella florigena]CV01
               |          |--‘Eoparastaffella’ fundata Simonova 1975 [=Bozorgniella fundata]CV01
               |          |--‘Plectogyra’ librans Conil & Lys 1964 [=Bozorgniella librans]CV01
               |          |--‘Eoparastaffella (Eoparastaffellina)’ rotunda Vdovenko 1971 [=Bozorgniella rotunda]CV01
               |          `--‘Eoparastaffella’ tumida Pronina 1963 [=Bozorgniella tumida, Pseudoendothyra tumida]CV01
               `--+--Lysella Bozorgnia 1973CV01
                  |    |--*L. gadukensis Bozorgnia 1973 [incl. L. conferta Bozorgnia 1973]CV01
                  |    |--L. amenta (Ganelina 1966) [=Dainella amenta]CV01
                  |    |--L. compacta (Postoyalko 1970) [=Dainella compacta]CV01
                  |    |--L. incomposita (Postoyalko 1970) [=Dainella incomposita]CV01
                  |    |--L. magna (Vdovenko 1954) [=Quasiendothyra magna]CV01
                  |    |--L. manifesta (Ganelina 1966) [=Dainella manifesta]CV01
                  |    |--L. mediocriformisCV01
                  |    |--L. micula (Postoyalko 1970) [=Dainella micula]CV01
                  |    `--L. uralica (Postoyalko 1970) [=Dainella uralica]CV01
                     `--Ozawainellida [Ozawainelloida]M13
                          |  i. s.: Hubeiella Lin 1977R-CB96
                          |           `--*H. simplex Lin 1977R-CB96
                          `--Ozawainellidae [Ozawainellacea, Ozawainellinae]CV01
                               |--Ozawainella Thompson 1935LT64
                               |    `--*O. angulata (Colani 1924) [=Fusulinella angulata]LT64
                               |--Eostaffelloides Miklukho-Maclay 1959HW93
                               |    `--*E. orientalis Miklukho-Maclay 1959R-CB96
                               |--Kangvarella Saurin 1962HW93
                               |    `--*K. irregularis Saurin 1962R-CB96
                               `--Paramillerella Thompson 1951LT64
                                    |--*P. advena (Thompson 1944) [=Millerella advena]LT64
                                    |--P. amplaLT64
                                    |--P. circuliLT64
                                    `--P. pinguisLT64

*Eoparastaffella simplex (Vdovenko 1954)R-CB96 [=Parastaffella (Eoparastaffella) simplexR-CB96, Bozorgniella simplexCV01]

Globoendothyra (*Eogloboendothyra) ‘parva’ (Tchernysheva 1948) [=Endothyra globulus var. parva non E. parva Möller 1879]R-CB96

*Globoendothyra (Globoendothyra) globulus (Moeller 1878)R-CB96 [=Endothyra globulusR-CB96, *G. pseudoglobulus Reitlinger 1959R-CB96, Endothyranopsis pseudoglobulusLT64]

*Inflatoendothyra inflata (Lipina 1955) [=Spinoendothyra (*Inflatoendothyra) inflata, Endothyra oldalipinae Loeblich & Tappan 1987]R-CB96

*Vissarionovella tujmasensis (Vissarionova 1948) [=Eostaffella tujmasensis, Dainella tujmasensis, Lysella tujmasensis]CV01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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