Hypostomus plecostomus, from Weber et al. (2012).

Belongs within: Loricaroidei.

The Loricariidae, suckermouth catfishes, are a Neotropical family of armoured catfishes.

Characters (from Nelson et al. 2016): Body with bony plates; mouth ventral, with or without noticeable barbels; ventral lip papillose; adipose fin, when present, usually with a spine at anterior border; relatively long intestine; 23–38 vertebrae.

| i. s.: PanaqueSL86
| HypostomusSL86
| |--H. ancistroides (Ihering 1911)KC-L22
| |--H. latifronsAS09
| |--H. madieraeSL86
| |--H. plecostomusPRB10
| `--H. regani (Ihering 1905)KC-L22
| Liposarcus multiradiatusSLH06
| |--OtocinclusF15a
| | |--O. flexilis Cope 1894 [incl. O. fimbriatus Cope 1894]F15a
| | |--O. vestitus Cope 1871F15a
| | `--O. vittatusF18
| |--MicrolepidogasterF15a
| | |--M. laevior (Cope 1894) [=Hisonotus laevior]F15a
| | |--M. leptochilus (Cope 1894) [=Hisonotus leptochilus]F15a
| | `--M. nigricaudaF15a
| `--HypoptopomaF15a
| |--H. (Hypoptopoma)F15a
| | |--H. (H.) psilogaster Fowler 1915F15a
| | `--H. (H.) thoracatum [incl. H. bilobatum Cope 1870]F15a
| `--H. (Diapeltoplites Fowler 1915)F15a
| |--H. (*D.) gulare Cope 1878F15a
| |--H. (D.) jobertiF15a
| `--H. (D.) steindachneriF15a
| |--Rhineloricaria cadeaeF15a
| |--Harttia platystomaF15a
| |--Sturisoma guentheriF15a
| |--Farlowella nattereriSLH06
| |--Lamontichthys stibarosSLH06
| |--LoricariichthysF15a
| | |--L. anusF15a
| | |--L. derbyi Fowler 1915F15b
| | |--L. hauxwelli Fowler 1915F15a
| | |--L. maculatus (Bloch 1794) [=Loricaria maculata; incl. Loricaria amazonica Castelnau 1855]F15a
| | |--L. platymetopon Isbrücker & Nijssen 1979KC-L22
| | `--L. typus (Bleeker 1864)F15a
| `--Loricaria Linnaeus 1758L58
| |--*L. cataphracta Linnaeus 1758L58
| |--L. carinataF15a
| |--L. latirostris Boulenger 1900B00
| |--L. paulina Boulenger 1900B00
| |--L. prolixa (Isbrücker & Nijssen 1978)KC-L22
| |--L. simillimaSLH06
| |--L. spixiiF15b
| `--L. stubeliiF15a
| |--P. ambrosettii (Holmberg 1893)KC-L22
| `--P. multiradiatus [incl. Liposarcus jeanesianus Cope 1874, L. varius Cope 1871]F15a
|--Lithoxus lithoidesF15a
| |--C. aspidolepisG66
| |--C. maculatusF15a
| `--C. sericeus [=Xenocara sericea]F15a
| |--A. alga (Cope 1871) [=Chaetostomus alga; incl. C. malacops Cope 1871, C. tectirostris Cope 1871]F15a
| |--A. chagresiSL86
| |--A. cirrhosusF16 [=Xenochara cirrhosumF16; incl. Chaetostomus variiolus Cope 1871F15a]
| |--A. dolichopteryxF15a
| `--A. hoplogenysF15a
|--P. ancistroidesF15b
|--P. aspilogaster Cope 1894F15a
|--P. auroguttatusF15b
|--P. carinatusF15a
|--P. commersoniiF15a
|--P. emarginatus [incl. P. biseriatus Cope 1871, P. scopularius Cope 1871, P. virescens Cope 1874]F15a
|--P. heylandi Boulenger 1900B00
|--P. jaguribensis Fowler 1915F15b
|--P. lexiF15b
|--P. plecostomus [incl. P. guacari Regan 1906]F16
|--P. robinii [=Hypostomus robinii]F16
|--P. unaeF15b
|--P. vaillantiF15a
|--P. variipictusF15b
|--P. verresF15a
`--P. wuchereriF15b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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