Macrolycus flabellatus, copyright Y. J. Chang.

Belongs within: Elateroidea.
Contains: Trichalus, Calochrominae, Diluticolinae, Lycinae.

The Lycidae are a group of soft-bodied beetles with narrow, dehiscent elytra that are generally coloured in contrasting aposematic patterns of reddish yellow and black. The distasteful lycids often function as models in mimicry complexes.

<==Lycidae [Lycides]B14
    |  `--Leptolycinae [Lyropaeinae]K02
    |       |  i. s.: LeptolycusB14
    |       |--+--Antennolycus constrictusKB11
    |       |  `--Microlyropaeus dembickyiKB11
    |       `--+--Alyculus kurbatoviKB11
    |          `--Lyropaeus biguttatusKB11, K02
       `--+--Thonalmus Bourg. 1883KB11, FS90
          |    |--T. bicolor Linné 1763 [incl. T. denominatus Chv. 1870, T. militaris]FS90
          |    |--T. dominicensis Chv. 1870 [incl. T. blandus]FS90
          |    `--T. hubbardiKB11
             `--+--Libnetis granicollisKB11
                     |--L. brevicollis Fairmaire 1889F89
                     `--L. quadricollisKB11
Lycidae incertae sedis:
  Dumbrellia Lea 1909L09
    |--D. brevicornis (Lea 1898) [=Calochromus brevicornis]L09
    `--D. pilosicornis (Lea 1898) [=Calochromus pilosicornis]L09
    |--X. costiferL09
    |--X. gratiosusL09
    |--X. obscurus Macleay 1886M86
    |--X. pentagonus Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |--X. regularisM86
    |--X. semiflabellatus Thoms. 1858 [incl. Lycus sulcicollis Murray 1868]B89b
    `--X. xanthomerus Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |--C. apicalis Macleay 1886M86
    |--C. ingenuusM86
    |--C. longicornis Macleay 1886M86
    |--C. nigrescens Macleay 1886M86
    `--C. semirufus Macleay 1886M86
  Pseudaplatopterus scheeleiP92
    |--Falsocalleros Pic 1933 [incl. Pseudoplateros Green 1951]M02
    |    `--F. moleculusM02
    `--Plateros Bourgeois 1879 [incl. Neoceletes Leng & Shoemaker 1915]M02
         |--P. phoenicurusB89a
         |--P. scutellaris Bourgeois 1889B89a
         |--P. sordidus Fairmaire 1889F89
         `--P. sycophantaF89
    |--C. dichrocerus Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |--C. dondonensis Harold 1879 [incl. Lycus semiflabellatus Murray 1868]B89b
    |--C. inflatellus Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |--C. latithorax Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |--C. macer Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |--C. sulcicollis Thoms. 1858B89b
    `--C. unicolor Bourgeois 1889B89b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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