Macrolycus flabellatus, copyright Y. J. Chang.

Belongs within: Elateroidea.
Contains: Trichalus, Lycini, Metriorrhynchus.

The Lycidae are a group of soft-bodied beetles with narrow, dehiscent elytra that are generally coloured in contrasting aposematic patterns of reddish yellow and black. The distasteful lycids often function as models in mimicry complexes.

<==Lycidae [Lycides] B14
|–Lyropaeinae B14
|    |  i. s.: Platerodrilus korinchianus Blair 1928 B14
|    |         Leptolycus B14
|    |–+–Duliticola KB11
|    |  `–+–Horakiella emasensis KB11
|    |     `–+–Pendola KB11
|    |        `–Macrolibnetis KB11
|    `–+–+–Antennolycus constrictus KB11
|       |  `–Microlyropaeus dembickyi KB11
|       `–+–Alyculus kurbatovi KB11
|          `–Lyropaeus KB11
`–+–+–Thonalmus hubbardi KB11
|  `–+–Lycoprogenthes KB11
|     `–+–Lyponia quadricollis KB11
|        `–Libnetis granicollis KB11
`–Lycinae B14
|–+–Dihammatus KB11
|  `–Macrolycus KB11 [Macrolycini B14]
|       `–M. flabellatus (Motschulsky 1860) B14
|–+–+–Eurrhacus KB11
|  |  `–Platycis minutus KB11
|  `–+–Idiopteron biplagiatum KB11
|     `–Lycini KB11
`–+–Metriorrhynchus KB11
`–+–+–Dilophotes KB11
|  `–Scarelus KB11
`–+–+–Benibotarus nigripennis KB11
|  `–Pyropterus nigroruber KB11
`–+–Taphes brevicollis KB11
`–Dictyoptera KB11
|–D. dichroma Boisduval 1835 B35
`–D. elegans KB11

Lycidae incertae sedis:
Dumbrellia Lea 1909 L09
|–D. brevicornis (Lea 1898) [=Calochromus brevicornis] L09
`–D. pilosicornis (Lea 1898) [=Calochromus pilosicornis] L09
Trichalus L09
Xylobanus L09
|–X. costifer L09
|–X. gratiosus L09
|–X. obscurus Macleay 1886 M86
`–X. regularis M86
Melampyrus L09
Calopteron flavicans M86
Cladophorus M86
|–C. apicalis Macleay 1886 M86
|–C. ingenuus M86
|–C. longicornis Macleay 1886 M86
|–C. nigrescens Macleay 1886 M86
`–C. semirufus Macleay 1886 M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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