Female Geolycosa sp. on egg-sac, copyright Fir0002.

Belongs within: Lycosidae.
Contains: Venatrix, Pardosa, Trochosa, Lycosa, Alopecosa.

The Lycosinae is a group of wolf spiders characterised by male pedipalps bearing a transverse tegular apophysis carrying a ventrally directed spur and a sinuous channel on its dorsal surface (Framenau 2006). Members of this group include the burrowing wolf spiders of the genus Geolycosa, which ambush prey directly from the burrow rather than emerging to hunt in the open in the manner of other wolf spiders. The cosmopolitan genus Hogna includes the largest of wolf spiders, with some species reaching over an inch in length. Hoggicosa is a genus of large wolf spiders found in arid regions of Australia, some species of which exhibit a strong dimorphism in colour pattern between males and females (Langlands & Framenau 2010). The northern Australian genus Tuberculosa is distinguished by the presence in males of a field of modified, tubercle-like setae on the underside of the third coxa (Framenau & Yoo 2006).

    |  `--+--PardosaPY07
    |     `--‘Alopecosa’ cinnameopilosaPY07
       |  `--+--+--LycosaPY07
       |     |  `--Varacosa Chamberlin & Ivie 1942PY07, VMP02
       |     |       `--V. avara (Keyserling 1877)VMP02
       |     `--+--Dingosa Roewer 1955LF10, FL13
       |        |    |--D. serrata (Koch 1877)LF10
       |        |    `--D. simsoni (Simon 1898)LF10
       |        `--+--Geolycosa Montgomery 1904PY07, FL13
       |           |    |--G. dunini Zyuzin & Logunov 2000MGK03
       |           |    |--G. goderffroyiK90
       |           |    |--G. hubbelli Wallace 1942LF10
       |           |    |--G. kijabica (Strand 1916) [=Tarentula kijabica, Scaptocosa kijabica]J98
       |           |    |--G. missouriensis (Banks 1895)LF10
       |           |    |--G. rafaelanaCr90
       |           |    |--G. rogersi Wallace 1942VMP02
       |           |    `--G. wrightiiK90
       |           `--Mainosa Framenau 2006FL13
       |                `--M. longipes (Koch 1878)LF10
Lycosinae incertae sedis:
  Hogna Simon 1885FL13
    |--*H. radiata (Latreille 1817)LF10 [=Lycosa radiataMGK03]
    |--H. alticeps (Kroneberg 1875) [=Tarentula alticeps, Lycosa alticeps]MGK03
    |--H. bergsoei (Thorell 1875) [=Alopecosa bergsoei]MGK03
    |--H. birabenae (Mello-Leitão 1941) [=Birabenia birabenae]Ca90
    |--H. crispipes (Koch 1877)FL13 [incl. Geolycosa tongatabuensis (Strand 1911)PVD10]
    |--H. exigua (Roewer 1960) [=Hoggicosa exigua, Lycosa exigua]LF10
    |--H. gumia (Petrunkevitch 1911)FM11
    |--H. ingens (Blackwall 1857)JD-S07
    |--H. kuyani Framenau, Gotch & Austin 2007LF10
    |--H. lenta (Hentz 1844) [=Lycosa lenta]SB14
    |--H. ocellata (Koch 1878) [=Lycosa ocellata, Arctosa ocellata]MGK03
    |--H. sternalis (Bertkau 1880)FM11
    `--H. yauliensis (Strand 1908) [=Tarentula yauliensis, Lynxosa yauliensis]J98
  Tuberculosa Framenau & Yoo 2006FL13
    |--T. monteithi Framenau & Yoo 2006FY06
    `--+--T. hoggi (Framenau & Vink 2001) [=Venatrix hoggi]FY06
       `--+--*T. harveyi Framenau & Yoo 2006FY06
          `--T. austini Framenau & Yoo 2006FY06
  Hoggicosa Roewer 1960FL13
    |  i. s.: H. natashae Langlands & Framenau 2010LF10
    |--H. wolodymyri Langlands & Framenau 2010LF10
    `--+--H. forresti (McKay 1973) [=Lycosa forresti]LF10
       `--+--+--H. castanea (Hogg 1905) (see below for synonymy)LF10
          |  |--H. alfi Langlands & Framenau 2010LF10
          |  `--H. duracki (McKay 1975) [=Lycosa duracki]LR10
          `--+--H. brennani Langlands & Framenau 2010LF10
             `--+--H. storri (McKay 1973) [=Lycosa storri]LF10
                `--+--H. bicolor (McKay 1973) [=Lycosa bicolor, Allocosa bicolor]LF10
                   `--H. snelli (McKay 1975) [=Lycosa snelli]LF10
  Tasmanicosa Roewer 1959FY06 [incl. Orthocosa Roewer 1960 (n. n.)FL13]
    `--*T. tasmanica (Hogg 1905)LF10
  Venator Hogg 1900FL13
    |--*V. spenceri Hogg 1900LF10
    `--‘Hogna’ immansueta (Simon 1909)LF10
  Hippasa Simon 1885F07
    `--H. greenalliae (Blackw. 1867) (see below for synonymy)K92
  Tapetosa Framenau, Main et al. 2009FL13
    `--*T. darwini Framenau, Main et al. 2009FM09
  Pavocosa Roewer 1960FY06
    `--P. gallopavo (Mello-Leitão 1941)LF10
  Costacosa Framenau & Leung 2013FL13
    |--*C. torbjorni Framenau & Leung 2013FL13
    `--C. dondalei Framenau & Leung 2013FL13
  Knoelle Framenau 2006FL13
    `--*K. clara (Koch 1877) [=Lycosa clara, Allocosa clara]F06
  Cynosa Caporiacco 1933FL13
  Orinocosa Chamberlin 1916FL13
  Rabidosa punctulata (Hentz 1844)LF10, SB14
  Allocosa Banks 1900PY07, VMP02 [incl. Glieschiella Mello-Leitão 1932Ca90, MoenkhausianaCa90; Allocosinae]
    |--‘Glieschiella’ alticeps Mello-Leitão 1944Ca90
    |--‘Moenkhausiana’ argentinensis Mello-Leitão 1938 (n. d.)Ca90
    |--A. brasiliensis (Petrunkevitch 1910) (see below for synonymy)Ca90
    |--A. funereaCa90
    |--A. georgicola (Walckenaer 1837)VMP02
    |--*Glieschiella’ halophila Mello-Leitão 1932 (n. d.)Ca90
    |--A. hasseltiiF06
    |--A. mutillataCa90
    |--A. palabunda (Koch 1877) [=Lycosa palabunda]E07
    |--A. paraguayensisCa90
    |--‘Glieschiella’ senex Mello-Leitão 1945Ca90
    `--A. tuberculipalpaJD-S07

Allocosa brasiliensis (Petrunkevitch 1910) [=*Moenkhausiana brasiliensis; incl. Araucaniocosa difficilis Mello-Leitão 1951]Ca90

Hippasa greenalliae (Blackw. 1867) [=Lycosa greenalliae; incl. Pirata agelenoides Simon 1884, Diapontia agalenoides]K92

Hoggicosa castanea (Hogg 1905) [=Lycosa castanea, Allocosa castanea; incl. L. errans Hogg 1905, *H. errans; incl. L. perinflata Pulleine 1922, L. skeeti Pulleine 1922]LF10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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