Bloody net-winged beetle Lycus sanguineus, copyright Susan Elliott.

Belongs within: Lycinae.

Lycus is a genus of net-winged beetles with a rostrate head, carinate prosternal crest and protruberant mesosternum (Miller 2002). Species are mostly Afrotropical in distribution and adults may be found gathered in large numbers on flowering trees (Bouchard 2014). Larvae may be seen moving over open ground in early evening (Miller 2002).

Characters (from Miller 2002): Head rostrate; antennomere 2 short, transverse; pronotum with carina on disk; prosternal crest carinate; peritremes of anterior thoracic spiracles prominently exposed; mesosternum protruberant; inner angle of metacoxae somewhat prominent posteriorly; elytra broadly expanded beyond lateral margins of abdomen, costate and irregularly reticulate with raised lines, fourth discal costa prominently cariniform at humerus.

Lycus Fabricius 1787 [incl. Rhyncheros LeConte 1881; Lycini]M02
    |--L. (Lycus) sanguineus [=Lampyris (L.) sanguinea]G20
    |--L. (Charactus) australis (n. d.) [=Calopteron australe]L09
    |--L. (Lycostomus Motschulsky 1861)M02
    |    |--L. (L.) dalmani Bourgeois 1889B89b
    |    |--‘Lycostomus’ moupinensis Fairmaire 1889F89
    |    `--‘Lycostomus’ similisF89
    |--L. (Merolycus) inermis Harold 1879B89b
    |--L. (Neolycus Bourgeois 1883)M02
    `--L. (Thoracocalon)B89b
         |--L. (T.) bucolicus Gorh. 1884B89b
         `--L. (T.) icarus Bourgeois 1889B89b
Lycus incertae sedis:
  L. alluaudi Bourgeois 1889B89c
  L. apicalis Thoms. 1858 [incl. L. seminiger Kolbe 1883]B89b
  L. arizonensisM02
  L. bremeiB89b
  L. championiB89b
  L. cinctus [=Charactus cinctus; incl. L. suturalis]B35
  L. collarisB35
  L. consobrinusB89b
  L. constrictusI92
  L. corniger Dalm. in Schönh. 1817 [incl. L. subcostatus Murray 1868]B89c
  L. crocicollis Boisduval 1835B35
  L. dissimilis Bourg. 1885 [incl. L. fastiditus Bourg. 1885]B89c
  L. distantiG00
  L. dorycus Boisduval 1835B35
  L. elegans Murray 1868 [incl. L. elegans var. intermedia Bourg. 1880, L. leveillei Bourg. 1877]B89c
  L. elevatusG00
  L. ephippigerB35
  L. excisellus Bourgeois 1889B89b
  L. formosus [incl. Cladophorus dimidiatus]B35
  L. foliaceus Dalm. in Schönh. 1817B89c
  L. funestusB35
  L. haagi Bourg. 1878B89b [=Lopholycus haagiG00]
  L. hamatusB89b
  L. integripennis Bourgeois 1889B89b
  L. kolbei Bourgeois 1889B89b
  L. latissimusB14
  L. loripesRD77
  L. melanurus Dalman 1817B14
  L. ochraceus (n. d.) [=Metriorrhynchus ochraceus]L09
  L. palliatusL02
  L. pallidusB35
  L. parallelusB35
  L. praemorsus Dalm. in Schönh. 1817 (see below for synonymy)B89c
  L. raffrayiB89b
  L. rostratusG01
  L. ruficollisB35
  L. scrobicollisB89b
  L. semiamplexus Murray 1868B89c
  L. simplex Bourgeois 1889B89c
  L. sinuatus Dalm. in Schönh. 1817B89c (see below for synonymy)
  L. subtrabeatusG01
  L. terminatus [=Acantholycus terminatus]G00
  L. thoracicusB35
  L. trabeatus Guér. 1835 [incl. L. vallatus Gerstäcker 1873]B89b

Lycus praemorsus Dalm. in Schönh. 1817 [incl. L. praemorsus var. harpago Thoms. 1858, L. praemorsus var. lateralis Bourgeois 1889]B89b

Lycus sinuatus Dalm. in Schönh. 1817B89b [=Haplolycus sinuatusG00; incl. L. sinuatus var. angustior Bourgeois 1889B89b]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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