Lyngbya majuscula, copyright David R.

Belongs within: Cyanobacteriia.

Lyngbya is a genus of filamentous blue-green algae in which trichomes are surrounded by a more or less thick, persistent sheath (Castenholz 2001).

Characters (from Castenholz 2001): Filamentous organisms producing a distinct, persistent, firm sheath. Sheath may be thin but can be seen with phase contrast optics, especially where extending beyond terminal cell of trichome; thick sheaths may accrete to several µm in diameter and display laminations. Trichome diameters ranging from about 6–80 µm; trichome cells disk-shaped, shorter than broad.

Lyngbya Agardh ex Gomont 1892HL09 [incl. Porphyrosiphon Kützing 1849C01]
|--L. aerugineo-coeruleaSG05
|--L. aestuarii Liebman 1841C01
|--L. allorgeiSG05
|--L. ceylanicaSG05
|--L. contorta Lemmermann 1898M70
|--L. ferrugineaG64
|--L. floccosaG64
|--L. fusco-purpureaG64
|--L. majuscula (Dillwyn) Harvey 1833 [=Conferva majuscula Dillwyn 1809]HL09
|--L. muralisG64
|--L. prolificaG64
|--L. punctalisG64
|--L. semiplenaSG05
|--L. sordidaAG03
|--L. subtilisSG05
|--L. thompsoniG64
|--L. vermicularisG64
|--L. virescensG64
`--L. zonata [incl. Sphaeroplea crispa]G64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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