Orchomene amblyops, copyright University of Bergen.

Belongs within: Lysianassoidea.
Contains: Lysianassa.

The Lysianassidae are a group of marine amphipods characterised by a mitten-like terminal section on the section gnathopod (Barnard 1969).

Characters (from Barnard 1969): Accessory flagellum usually present and more than 3-articulate but occasionally vestigial or few in segments; peduncle of antenna 1 short and stout, articles 2 and 3 usually much shorter than 1 and occasionally scarcely distinguishable because of telescoping; pereon generally lacking processes, often urosomal segment 1 processiferous; body compact, chitin usually very smooth, porcellanous; mouthparts enormously variable, either chewing or piercing, often with reduction in mandibular molars, variable in position of mandibular palps; upper lip and epistome invaluable for identification, either or both often produced in variable configurations; maxilla 1 generally with 2-articulate palp but occasionally reduced or absent; maxilla 2 occasionally poorly developed; maxilliped occasionally with reduced plates and palps; gnathopods usually quite small, 2 mitten-shaped terminally, with article 3 elongate, article 5 generally with a “pineapple cushion”, i.e., posterior margin bulbous and with microscopic texture of a pineapple, structure composed of scales or coarse setules, article 6 generally covered with coarse setules or tasseled setules; pereopods generally stout, occasionally prehensile; coxae usually long, first one or two or three occasionally reduced in size or hidden by following coxae; rami of uropod 3 lanceolate, outer often 2-articulate, inner occasionally reduced in size, rarely both absent; telson cleft, emarginate or entire, long or shorty rarely absent.

|--Charcotia Chevreux 1905 [=Waldeckia Chevreux 1906; incl. Ephippiphora White 1847 (preoc.); Waldeckiinae]B69
| `--*C. obesa Chevreux 1905B69 [=*Waldeckia obesaB69; incl. W. zshauii non Anonyx zschauiiN38]
|--Acosta Özdikmen 2012LM17
|--Aruga Holmes 1908LM17
| `--*A. oculata Holmes 1908B69
|--Arugella Pirlot 1936LM17
| `--*A. heterodonta Pirlot 1936 [=Lysianassa heterodonta]B69
|--Azotostoma Barnard 1965LM17
| `--*A. fusta Barnard 1965 B69
|--Bonassa Barnard & Karaman 1991LM17
|--Concarnes Barnard & Karaman 1991LM17
|--Dartenassa Barnard & Karaman 1991LM17
|--Disiminassa Barnard & Karaman 1991LM17
|--Kakanui Lowry & Stoddart 1983LM17
|--Lysianassina Costa 1867LM17
|--Lysianopsis Holmes 1905LM17
| `--*L. alba Holmes 1903 [=Lysianassa alba]B69
|--Macronassa Barnard & Karaman 1991LM17
|--Nannonyx Sars 1891LM17
| |--*N. goesii (Boeck 1871)B69 [=Orchomene goesiiB69, Orchemene goesiiN00b]
| |--N. propinquus Chevreux 1911BD95
| `--N. spinimanus Walker 1895BD95
|--Parawaldeckia Stebbing 1910LM17
| |--*P. thomsoni (Stebbing 1906) [=Nannonyx thomsoni]B69
| `--P. kidderiB69
|--Phoxostoma Barnard 1925LM17
| `--*P. algoense Barnard 1925B69
|--Pronannonyx Schellenberg 1953LM17
| `--*P. minimus Schellenberg 1953B69
|--Pseudambasia Stephensen 1927LM17
| `--*P. bipartita Stephensen 1927B69
|--Riwo Lowry & Stoddart 1995LM17
|--Shoemakerella Pirlot 1936LM17
| `--*S. nasuta (Dana 1853) [=Lysianassa nasuta]B69
|--Socarnella Walker 1904LM17
| `--*S. bonnieri Walker 1904B69
|--Socarnes Boeck 1871LM17
| |--*S. vahlii (Krøyer 1838)B69 [=Lysianassa vahliiB69, Anonyx vahliiN00a]
| |--S. erythrophthalmus Robertson 1892N00a
| |--S. filicornis Heller 1866BD95
| `--S. obesus (Chevreux 1927) [=Socarnopsis obesa]B69
|--Socarnoides Stebbing 1888LM17 [incl. Acidostomella Schellenberg 1926B69]
| `--*S. kergueleni Stebbing 1888B69
|--Socarnopsis Chevreux 1911LM17
| `--*S. crenulata Chevreux 1911B69
|--Tantena Ortiz, Lalana & Varela 2007LM17
`--Thaumodon Lowry & Stoddart 1995LM17

Lysianassidae incertae sedis:
Lucayarina catacumba Clark & Barnard 1985S86
Aristiopsis Barnard 1961B69
`--*A. tumidus Barnard 1961B69
Alibrotus Milne Edwards 1840 (n. d.)B69
`--*A. chauseicus (Milne Edwards 1830) [=Lysianassa chauseica]B69
Gainella Chevreux 1911B69
`--*G. chelata Chevreux 1912B69
Neoambasia Dahl 1959B69
`--*N. tumicornis (Nicholls 1938) [=Ambasiopsis tumicornis]B69
Glycerina Haswell 1882 [incl. Glycera Haswell 1880 non Savigny 1818]B69
`--*G. tenuicornis (Haswell 1880) [=Glycera tenuicornis]B69
Lepidepecreopsis Stephensen 1925B69
`--*L. biloba Stephensen 1925B69
Paronesimus Stebbing 1894B69
`--*P. barentsi Stebbing 1894B69
Pseudoanonyx Kudrjaschov 1965B69
`--*P. caecus Kudrjaschov 1965B69
Ambasiopsis Barnard 1931B69
|--*A. georgiensis Barnard 1931B69
`--A. faeroensisN38
Boeckosimus Barnard 1969B69
|--*B. edwardsii (Krøyer 1846) [=Anonyx edwardsii, Onisimus edwardsii]B69
`--B. normani (Sars 1895) [=Onisimus normani]B69
Parambasia Walker & Scott 1903B69
|--*P. forbesi Walker & Scott 1903B69
|--P. anomala (Nicholls 1938) [=Lysianassa anomala]B69
`--P. rossi Stephensen 1927B69

*Type species of generic name indicated


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