The Upper Carboniferous lophospirid Worthenia, from here.

Belongs within: Gastropoda.
Contains: Trochonematidae, Lophospiridae, Euomphalidae, Raphistomatidae, Helicotomidae, Omphalotrochidae, Platyschismatinae, Turbonellininae.

The Ordovician to Middle Triassic Trochonematoidea included the gastropod families Trochonematidae and Lophospiridae. The two families shared a characteristic shell morphology: a median angulation running along or above the midline of each spire (replaced by a shallow sinus in some Trochonematidae), with further angulations above and/or below. The inner lining of the shell was nacreous. In the Lophospiridae, the aperture of the shell included a deep labral sinus or slit, but in the Trochonematidae this was replaced by an internal channel (Knight et al. 1960).

<==Macluritida [Macluritiformes, Macluritina, Macluritiones]F12
    |--Trochonematoidea [Lophospiroidea, Trochonematacea, Trochonematata, Trochonematiformes, Trochonematoidei]GS75
    |    |--TrochonematidaeBR05
    |    `--LophospiridaeBR05
    |--Macluritidae [Macluraeacea, Maclureadae, Maclureidae, Macluriidae, Macluritacea, Macluritoidea]KC60
    |    |--Teiichispira Yochelson & Jones 1958LK84
    |    |    `--T. cornucopiaeBRW98
    |    |--Palliseria Wilson 1924 [incl. Mitrospira Kirk 1930]KC60
    |    |    |--*P. robusta Wilson 1924KC60
    |    |    `--P. longwelliK52
    |    |--Macluritella Kirk 1927LK84
    |    |    |--M. stantoni Kirk 1927F12
    |    |    `--M. walcotti (Howell 1946)TTE93
    |    `--Maclurites Lesueur 1818 (see below for synonymy)KC60
    |         |--*M. magna Lesueur 1818KC60
    |         |--M. altunshanensis Yu & Ning 1983YN83
    |         |--M. bigsbyiYN83
    |         |--M. loganiC60
    |         `--M. manitobensis (Whiteaves 1887)TTE93
    |--Ophiletidae [Ophiletinae, Ophiletoidea]BR17
    |    |--Ecculiomphalus Portlock 1843BR05 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    `--*E. bucklandi Portlock 1843KC60
    |    |--Dirhachopea Ulrich & Bridge 1931KC60
    |    |    `--*D. normalis Ulrich & Bridge 1931KC60
    |    |--Euconia Ulrich in Ulrich & Scofield 1897 [incl. Jarlopsis Heller 1954]KC60
    |    |    `--*E. etna (Billings 1865) [=Pleurotomaria etna]KC60
    |    |--Calaurops Whitfield 1886 [incl. Orthostoma Conrad 1838 non Ehrenberg 1831]KC60
    |    |    `--*C. lituiformis Whitfield 1886KC60
    |    `--Ophileta Vanuxem 1842BR05
    |         |  i. s.: O. subangulataT10
    |         |--O. (Ophileta) [incl. Polygyrata Weller 1903]KC60
    |         |    `--*O. (O.) complanata Vanuxem 1842KC60
    |         `--O. (Ozarkispira Walcott 1924)KC60
    |              `--O. (*O.) leo (Walcott 1924) [=*Ozarkispira leo]KC60
    `--Euomphaloidea [Euomphalacea, Euomphalina, Euomphalioidei, Euomphalomorpha, Rhaphistomatoidea]KC60
         |  i. s.: Triassocirrus infracarinatumTE01
         |--Lesueurilla Koken 1898BR05 [=Lesuerella Perner 1903KC60; incl. Pachystrophia Perner 1903KC60; Lesueurillidae]
         |    `--*L. infundibulum (Koken 1897) [=Maclurea infundibulum]BR17
         |--Straparollina Billings 1865KC60 [StraparollinidaeBR17, Straparollinoidea]
         |    `--*S. pelagica Billings 1865KC60
         |    |--Hypomphalocirrus Linsley 1978LK84
         |    |--Liomphalus Chapman 1916LK84
         |    |    `--L. northi (Etheridge 1890)TTE93
         |    `--Omphalocirrus De Ryckholt 1860BR17 (see below for synonymy)
         |         `--*O. goldfussii (d’Archiac & de Verneuil 1842)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--Spinicharybdis Rohr & Packard 1982 [Spinicharybdiinae]BR17
         |    |    `--*S. wilsoni Rohr & Packard 1982BR17
         |    `--Euomphalopterus Roemer 1876BR17 [=Evomphalopterus Fischer 1885KC60; Euomphalopterinae]
         |         |  i. s.: E. gasconensisLYR78
         |         |--E. (Euomphalopterus) [incl. Bathmopterus Kirk 1928]LYR78
         |         |    `--*E. (E.) alatus (Wahlenberg 1819) [=Turbinites alatus]BR17
         |         `--E. (Pleuromphalus Lindström 1884)LYR78
         |              `--E. (*P.) seductor (Perner 1903) [=*Pleuromphalus seductor]KC60
              |  i. s.: Lunulazona Sadlick & Nielsen 1963PE02, KB04
              |         Naticasinus Pan & Erwin 2002PE02, KB04
              |           `--*N. sinus Pan & Erwin 2002KB04
              |         Pandospira Waterhouse 1963W63
              |           |--*P. fimbriae Waterhouse 1963W63
              |           `--P. nuda Waterhouse 1963W63
              |         Keeneeia Etheridge 1902W63
              |           |--*K. platyschismoides Etheridge 1902W63
              |           |--K. ocula (Sowerby 1838) [=Trochus oculus, Euomphalus oculus, Platyschisma oculus]W63
              |           `--K. trochiforme Fletcher 1958F71
                   |--Sinuopea Ulrich 1911BR05
                   |    `--*S. sweeti (Whitfield 1880) [=Holopea sweeti]KC60
                   |--Horiostomella Perner 1903KC60
                   |    `--*H. otiosa Perner 1903KC60
                   `--Sellinema Perner 1903KC60
                        `--*S. dive Perner 1903KC60

Ecculiomphalus Portlock 1843BR05 [=Eccyliomphalus Agassiz 1846KC60; incl. Eccyliopterus Remelé 1888KC60; Ecculiomphalinae]

Maclurites Lesueur 1818 [=Maclurea Emmons 1842, Maclureia Bronn 1848, Maclurita deBlainville 1823; incl. Maclurina Ulrich & Scofield 1897]KC60

Omphalocirrus De Ryckholt 1860BR17 [=Coelocentrus Zittel 1882KC60, Polyenaulus Etheridge 1917KC60; incl. Arctomphalus Tolmachov 1926KC60]

*Omphalocirrus goldfussii (d’Archiac & de Verneuil 1842)BR17 [=Euomphalus goldfussiiBR17, *Coelocentrus goldfussiKC60, *Polyenaulus goldfussiKC60]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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