Reconstruction of Wabularoo naughtoni, by Dorothy Dunphy.

Belongs within: Macropodoidea.
Contains: Sthenurinae, Macropodinae.

The Macropodidae includes the larger living wallabies and kangaroos, characterised by the presence of lophodont molars (semilophodont in the fossil Bulungamyinae) (Long et al. 2002).

Characters (from Long et al. 2002): Dental formula I1-3/1 (or 1-2), C0 or 1/0, P2-3/2-3, M1-4/1-4; premolars not as single ridges; molars lophodont (Macropodinae and Sthenurinae) or semilophodont (Bulungamayinae). Calcaneum with rugose surface extending to distal facet (at least in Macropodinae and Sthenurinae, unknown in Bulungamayinae).

<==Macropodidae [Bulungamayinae]
    |--+--Ngamaroo archeriPW10
    |  `--Bulungamayinae [Sthenurini]LA02
    |       |  i. s.: Bulungamaya Flannery, Archer & Plane 1983LA02
    |       |           `--*B. delicata Flannery, Archer & Plane 1983LA02
    |       |         Wabularoo Archer 1979LA02
    |       |           `--*W. naughtoni Archer 1979LA02
    |       |--Nowidgee Cooke 1997PW10, LA02
    |       |    `--*N. matrix Cooke 1997LA02
    |       `--+--+--Ganguroo Cooke 1997PW10, LA02
    |          |  |    `--*G. bilamina Cooke 1997LA02
    |          |  `--+--SthenurinaePW10
    |          |     `--MacropodinaePW10
    |          `--LagostrophinaePW10
    |               |--Lagostrophus fasciatusLA02
    |               `--Troposodon Bartholomai 1967PW10, LA02
    |                    |--*T. minor (Owen 1877)LA02 [=Macropus minorF71, Sthenurus minorF71]
    |                    |--T. bluffensis Bartholomai 1978LA02
    |                    |--T. bowensis Flannery & Archer 1983LA02
    |                    |--T. gurar Flannery & Archer 1983LA02
    |                    `--T. kenti Campbell 1973LA02
    `--Potoroinae [Potoroidae]PW10
         |  i. s.: Gumardee Flannery, Archer & Plane 1983BA12, LA02
         |           `--*G. pascuali Flannery, Archer & Plane 1983LA02
         |         Purtia Case 1984BA12, LA02
         |           `--*P. mosaicus Case 1984LA02
         |         Kyeema mahoneyiBA12
         |         Wakiewakie Woodburne 1984 P99,LA02
         |           `--*W. lawsoni Woodburne 1984LA02
         |    |  i. s.: P. morgani Finlayson 1938R64
         |    |--+--P. platyopsFS15
         |    |  `--+--P. gilbertiiFS15 [=P. tridactylus gilbertiBP87]
         |    |     `--P. longipesFS15
         |    `--P. tridactylusFS15
         |         |--P. t. tridactylusF71
         |         |--P. t. antiquus Broom 1896F71
         |         |--P. t. apicalisBP87
         |         `--P. t. benormi Courtney 1963R64
              |--+--Caloprymnus campestrisFS15
              |  `--Borungaboodie Prideaux 1999FS15, LA02
              |       `--*B. hatcheri Prideaux 1999LA02
              `--+--+--Aepyprymnus rufescensFS15
                 |  `--Milliyowi Flannery, Rich et al. 1992P99, LA02
                 |       `--*M. bunganditj Flannery, Rich et al. 1992LA02
                    |    |--Jackmahoneya Ride 1993LA02
                    |    |    `--*J. toxoniensis Ride 1993LA02
                    |    |--Ekaltadeta Archer & Flannery 1985LA02
                    |    |    |--*E. ima Archer & Flannery 1985LA02
                    |    |    `--E. jamiemulvaneyi Wroe 1996LA02
                    |    `--Propleopus Longman 1924FS15, LA02
                    |         |--*P. oscillans (De Vis 1888)LA02 [=Triclis oscillansF71]
                    |         |--P. chillagoensis Archer, Bartholomai & Marshall 1978LA02
                    |         `--P. wellingtonensis Archer & Flannery 1985LA02
                    `--Bettongia Gray 1837FS15, LA02
                         |  i. s.: B. anhydra Finlayson 1957 [=B. penicillata anhydra]B08
                         |         B. campestris Gould 1843G43
                         |         B. cuniculusS61
                         |         B. moyesi Flannery & Archer 1987LA02
                         |--B. penicillata (Gray 1837)FS15, GM12
                         |    |--B. p. penicillataR64
                         |    `--B. p. francisca Finlayson 1957R64
                         `--+--*B. gaimardi (Desmarest 1822)LA02, FS15, LA02
                            `--+--B. tropicaFS15
                               `--+--B. lesueur (Quoy & Gaimard 1824)FS15, GM12 [=Hypsiprymnus lesueurB90]
                                  |    |--B. l. lesueurB32
                                  |    `--B. l. grayiB32
                                  `--B. pusilla McNamara 1997FS15, LA02
Macropodidae incertae sedis:
    |--H. bennettiiMB66
    |--H. binoe Gould 1842G42
    |--H. coxenii Gray 1866G66
    |--H. derbianusMB66
    |--H. dorsalisG66
    |--H. giganteusT99
    |--H. irmaMB66
    |--H. scottii Krefft 1870F71
    |--H. thetidisDV87
    |--H. thomsonii Krefft 1870F71
    |--H. wilcoxiDV87
    `--H. wombeyensis (Broom 1896) [=Macropus (Halmaturus) wombeyensis]F71
  Conoyces Lesson 1842T37
    `--C. hageniT37
         |--C. h. hageniT37
         |--C. h. caurinaT37
         `--C. h. eitape Troughton 1937T37

*Type species of generic name indicated


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