Skull of Protemnodon anak, from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

Belongs within: Macropodidae.
Contains: Macropus, Dendrolagini.

The Macropodinae includes the ‘true’ kangaroos and wallabies, as well as the tree kangaroos of the Dendrolagini.

The Macropodini is a clade including the ‘true’ wallabies and kangaroos. Members of this clade have high-crowned molars, reflecting a change in habit to grazing.

Characters (from Long et al. 2002): Lower incisors occluding inside upper incisor arcade; I2 absent; molars bilophodont; masseteric canal extending as far anteriorly as M1; hind foot lacking hallux.

    |  i. s.: Watutia Flannery & Hoch in Flannery, Hoch & Aplin 1989LA02
    |           `--*W. novaeguineae Flannery & Hoch in Flannery, Hoch & Aplin 1989LA02
    |    |  i. s.: Prionotemnus Stirton 1955PW10, LA02
    |    |           `--*P. palankarinnicus Stirton 1955LA02
    |    |         Kurrabi Flannery & Archer 1984PW10, LA02
    |    |           |--*K. mahoneyi Flannery & Archer 1984LA02
    |    |           |--K. merriwaensis Flannery & Archer 1984LA02
    |    |           `--K. pelchenorum Flannery, Rich et al. 1992LA02
    |    |--+--Baringa Flannery & Hann 1984PW10, LA02
    |    |  |    `--*B. nelsonensis Flannery & Hann 1984LA02
    |    |  `--OnychogaleaFS15
    |    |       |--O. fraenataFS15
    |    |       `--+--O. lunataFS15
    |    |          `--O. unguifera (Gould 1841)FS15, GM12
    |    `--+--Setonix brachyurus (Quoy & Gaimard 1830)FS15, BD-D09
    |       `--+--MacropusFS15
    |          `--LagorchestesFS15
    |               |--L. asomatus Finlayson 1943R64
    |               |--L. conspicillatus Gould 1842BT79
    |               |--L. hirsutus (Gould 1844)GM12
    |               `--L. leporidesCB-E04
       |  `--Thylogale Gray 1837FS15, LA02
       |       |  i. s.: T. eugeniiR64 [=Protemnodon eugeniiS61]
       |       |           |--T. e. eugeniiR64
       |       |           `--T. e. decres Troughton 1941R64
       |       |         T. ignis Flannery, Rich et al. 1992LA02
       |       |         T. wilcoxi (M’Coy 1866)S57
       |       |--*T. billardieri (Desmarest 1822)LA02, FS15, CB-E04 [=Protemnodon billardieriiS61]
       |       `--+--T. thetis (Lesson 1827)FS15, BT79
       |          `--+--+--T. christenseni Hope 1981FS15, LA02
       |             |  `--T. stigmatica Gould 1860FS15, BT79
       |             `--+--T. lanatusFS15
       |                `--+--T. browniFS15
       |                   `--+--T. bruniiFS15
       |                      `--T. calabyiFS15
            |--Dorcopsoides Woodburne 1967PW10, LA02
            |    `--*D. fossilis Woodburne 1967LA02
               |    |--D. macleayiCB-E04 [=Dorcopsis macleayiBP87]
               |    `--D. vanheurni (Thomas 1922)APB99
               `--+--Dorcopsis Schlegel & Müller 1845PW10, LA02
                  |    |--*D. muelleri (Schlegel 1866)LA02
                  |    |--D. atrataCB-E04
                  |    |--D. hageniCB-E04
                  |    |--D. luctuosaCB-E04
                  |    |--D. veterumPW10
                  |    `--D. wintercookorum Flannery, Rich et al. 1992LA02
                  `--+--Congruus McNamara 1994PW10, LA02
                     |    `--*C. congruus McNamara 1994LA02
                     `--Protemnodon Owen 1874FS15, LA02
                          |--*P. anak Owen 1874LA02 [=Macropus (Protemnodon) anakF71]
                          |--P. agilisS61
                          |--P. antaeus Owen 1877F71
                          |--P. bandharr Dawson, Muirhead & Wroe 1999LA02
                          |--P. brehus (Owen 1874)LA02 [=Sthenurus brehusF71]
                          |--P. buloloensis Plane 1967LA02
                          |--P. chinchillaensis Bartholomai 1973LA02
                          |--P. devisi Bartholomai 1973LA02
                          |--P. dorsalisS61
                          |--P. hopei Flannery 1992LA02
                          |--P. irmaS61
                          |--P. mimas Owen 1874F71
                          |--P. nombe Flannery, Mountain & Aplin 1983LA02
                          |--P. og Owen 1874F71
                          |--P. otibandus Plane 1967LA02
                          |--‘Macropus’ piltonensis Bartholomai 1975LA02
                          |--P. roechus Owen 1874LA02
                          |--P. rufogrisea [=Wallabia rufogrisea]S61
                          |--P. snewini Bartholomai 1978LA02
                          `--P. tumbuna Flannery, Mountain & Aplin 1983LA02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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