Maireana sedifolia, copyright Stan Shebs.

Belongs within: Chenopodiaceae.

Maireana is an Australian genus of herbs and shrubs bearing fruits with distinctive wings or wing-like outgrowths (Harden 1990).

Characters (from Harden 1990): Perennial shrubs or herbs; dioecious, or all flowers bisexual, or bisexual and female flowers on some plants and bisexual and male flowers on others. Leaves alternate (or rarely opposite), frequently fleshy or succulent, terete, semiterete or flattened. Flowers bisexual and/or unisexual, axillary, solitary or paired, occasionally gathered towards ends of branches into leafy spike-like pseudo-inflorescences. Perianth 5-lobed with or without a tubular base. Stamens 5, opposite perianth lobes. Ovary more or less globose; style with 2 or 3 stigmas. Fruit an utricle surrounded by variously enlarged fruiting perianth with vertical tube and wings or wing-like outgrowths arising from base of perianth lobes; wings sometimes variously adorned with appendages. Seed horizontal to oblique.

    |–M. amoena [=Kochia villosa var. aphylla] H90
    |–M. aphylla H90
    |–M. appressa [=Kochia tomentosa var. appressa] H90
    |–M. astrotricha [=Kochia astrotricha] H90
    |–M. brevifolia [=Kochia brevifolia; incl. Enchylaena tamariscina, Kochia tamariscina] H90
    |–M. campanulata H90
    |–M. carnosa KM08
    |–M. cheelii [=Kochia cheelii] H90
    |–M. ciliata [=Kochia ciliata] H90
    |–M. coronata [=Kochia coronata] H90
    |–M. decalvans [=Enchylaena decalvans; incl. Kochia tomentosa var. tenuifolia, K. villosa var. tenuifolia] H90
    |–M. enchylaenoides [incl. Duriala crassiloba, Kochia crassiloba, D. villosa] H90
    |–M. eriantha [=Kochia eriantha; incl. K. concava] H90
    |–M. erioclada [=Kochia triptera var. erioclada] H90
    |–M. excavata [=Kochia excavata; incl. K. villosa var. humilis] H90
    |–M. georgei [=Kochia georgei] H90
    |–M. humillima [=Kochia humillima] H90
    |–M. integra [=Kochia integra] H90
    |–M. lanosa [=Kochia lanosa] H90
    |–M. lobiflora [=Kochia lobiflora] H90
    |–M. microcarpa [=Kochia villosa var. microcarpa] H90
    |–M. microphylla [=Kochia microphylla] H90
    |–M. oppositifolia KM08
    |–M. ovata [=Kochia ovata] H90
    |–M. pentagona [=Kochia pentagona] H90
    |–M. pentatropis [=Kochia pentatropis; incl. K. decipiens] H90
    |–M. pyramidata [=Kochia pyramidata] H90
    |–M. radiata [=Kochia radiata] H90
    |–M. rohrlachii [=Kochia rohrlachii] H90
    |–M. schistocarpa H90
    |–M. sclerolaenoides [=Bassia sclerolaenoides, Eriochiton sclerolaenoides] H90
    |–M. sedifolia [=Kochia sedifolia] H90
    |–M. spongiocarpa [=Kochia spongiocarpa] H90
    |–M. stipitata KM08
    |–M. tomentosa [=Kochia tomentosa] H90
    |    |–M. t. ssp. tomentosa H90
    |    `–M. t. ssp. urceolata H90
    |–M. trichoptera [=Kochia excavata var. trichoptera] H90
    |–M. triptera [=Kochia triptera] H90
    |–M. turbinata H90
    `–M. villosa [=Kochia villosa; incl. K. tomentosa var. lindleyana] H90

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H90] Harden, G. J. (ed.) 1990. Flora of New South Wales vol. 1. New South Wales University Press.

[KM08] Keighery, G. J., & W. Muir. 2008. Vegetation and vascular flora of Faure Island, Shark Bay, Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 75: 11–19.

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