Liparis viridiflora, copyright Yercaud-elango.

Belongs within: Epidendroideae.

The Malaxideae are a cosmopolitan group of orchids bearing very small, probably fly-pollinated flowers in a terminal inflorescence.

    |    |--O. helferi Hooker 1888BP03
    |    `--O. monstruosaP03
    |    |--M. latifoliaP03
    |    |--M. monophyllaFR99
    |    |    |--M. m. ssp. monophyllaH93
    |    |    `--M. m. ssp. brachypodaH93
    |    |--M. musciferaO88
    |    `--M. unifoliaV72
    |         |--M. u. f. unifoliaV72
    |         `--M. u. f. bifoliaV72
         |--L. capensisERV99
         |--L. foliosaC55
         |--L. gibbosaFR99
         |--L. glossulaO88
         |--L. habenarinaC03
         |--L. liliifoliaV72
         |--L. loeselii V72
         |--L. nervosaFR99
         |--L. viridifloraFR99
         `--L. wrayiiP03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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