Spathites reveliereanus, from Wright et al. (1996).

Belongs within: Acanthoceratidae.

The Mammitinae are an Upper Cretaceous (Upper Cenomanian to Coniacian) lineage of more or less involute ammonites.

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Moderately to very involute; inner whorls typically with trapezoidal whorl section, rather sparse ribs, and bullate or spinate umbilical and clavate inner and outer ventrolateral tubercles; siphonal line may be slightly raised but venter normally lacking keel or row of siphonal tubercles. On outer whorl ornament may strengthen to extremes or may disappear. Suture tending to simplify.

<==Mammitinae [Buchiceratidae, Fallotitinae, Mammitidae, Metoicoceratidae, Mitoniainae]WCH96
    |  i. s.: Mitonia Renz & Alvarez 1979WCH96
    |           `--*M. venezolana Renz & Alvarez 1979WCH96
    |--Nannometoicoceras Kennedy 1988WCH96
    |    `--*N. acceleratum (Hyatt 1903) [=Metoicoceras acceleratum]WCH96
    |--Buccinammonites Kennedy & Cobban 1990WCH96
    |    `--*B. minimus Kennedy & Cobban 1990WCH96
    |--Metoicoceras Hyatt 1903WCH96
    |    |  i. s.: M. geslinianumWCH96
    |    |         M. gourdoniHK81
    |    |--*M. swallovi (Shumard 1860)WCH96 [=Ammonites swalloviWCH96, Buchiceras swalloviW77]
    |    `--+--M. praecoxWCH96
    |       `--Cryptometoicoceras Kennedy & Cobban 1990WCH96
    |            `--*C. mite Kennedy & Cobban 1990WCH96
    `--+--+--Metasigaloceras Hyatt 1903WCH96
       |  |    `--*M. rusticum (Sowerby 1817) [=Ammonites rusticus]WCH96
       |  |--Rhamphidoceras Kennedy & Cobban 1990WCH96
       |  |    `--*R. saxatile Kennedy & Cobban 1990WCH96
       |  `--Mammites Laube & Bruder 1887 [incl. Schluetericeras Hyatt 1903]WCH96
       |       |--*M. nodosoides (Schlüter 1871) [=Ammonites nodosoides; incl. *Schluetericeras laubei Hyatt 1903]WCH96
       |       |--M. hourcqiK79
       |       `--M. menabensisK79
       `--Spathites Kummel & Decker 1954WCH96
            |  i. s.: S. (Ingridella Wiedmann 1960)WCH96
            |           `--S. (*I.) malladae (Fallot 1931) [=Vascoceras malladae]WCH96
            |--S. (Jeanrogericeras Wiedmann 1960) [incl. Fallotites Wiedmann 1960]WCH96
            |    |--S. (*J.) reveliereanus (Courtiller 1867) [=Ammonites reveliereanus]WCH96
            |    `--S. (J.) subconciliatus (Choffat 1898) [=Vascoceras subconciliatum, *Fallotites subconciliatus]WCH96
            `--+--S. (Spathites) [incl. Amblydiscus Adkins 1933 (n. n.), Spathitoides Wiedmann 1930]WCH96
               |    |--S. (S.) coahuilensis (Jones 1938) (see below for synonymy)WCH96
               |    `--S. (S.) sulcatus (Wiedmann 1960) [=Neoptychites (*Spathitoides) sulcatus]WCH96
               `--Buchiceras Hyatt 1875 [incl. Roemeroceras Hyatt 1903]WCH96
                    |--*B. bilobatum Hyatt 1875WCH96
                    |--*Roemeroceras’ gabbi Hyatt 1903 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
                    `--B. syriacumW77

Spathites (Spathites) coahuilensis (Jones 1938) [=Pseudotissotia coahuilensis; incl. *S. chispaensis Kummel & Decker 1954]WCH96

*Roemeroceras’ gabbi Hyatt 1903 [=Ammonites bilobatus Gabb 1877 non Buchiceras bilobatum Hyatt 1875]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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