Pygmy ground mantis Bolbe sp., possibly B. nigra, copyright Steve Kerr.

Belongs within: Mantodea.
Contains: Mantinae.

The Mantoidea are a major clade of mantids characterised by a long pronotum and the presence of a unique hearing organ (the ‘cyclopean’ ear) on the metathorax between the sternites and just anterior to the hind coxae (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Members of the family Mantidae may be recognised by having the ventroexternal spines on the fore tibia erect and widely spaced. In the Hymenopodidae, these spines are closely spaced and reclinate (Balderson 1991).

    |  i. s.: Prochaeradodis enigmaticusG03
    |    |--ChrysomantisTW05
    |    |--Hymenopus coronatusGE05
    |    |--OxypilusRD77
    |    `--Acromantis [Acromantinae]TW05
    |         `--A. australisR96
    |    |--Gongylus gongyloidesTW05
    |    |--Idolum de Saussure 1870L89
    |    |    `--*I. diabolicum de Saussure 1870L89
    |    `--EmpusaR13
    |         |--E. egenaR13
    |         |--E. gongylodesG20
    |         |--E. pauperataR13
    |         `--E. pectinicornisR26
    `--Mantidae [Manteidae]GE05
         |  i. s.: Tarachodes [Tarachodidae]Z02
         |         Myomantis caffraH04
         |         Prochaerododis enigmaticusGE05
         |         Iris [Irides]AN-A04
         |           `--L. oratoriaAN-A04
         |         AmelesAN-A04
         |           |--A. abjectaAN-A04
         |           |--A. decolorAN-A04
         |           `--A. spallanzaniaAN-A04
         |         PyrgomantisRD77
         |         MiomantisRD77
         |         Stagmomantis carolinaRD77, BB16
         |         Phantoma Risso 1826R26
         |           `--*P. variabilis Risso 1826R26
         |--Choeradodis [Choeradodinae]Z02
         |--Liturgusinae [Liturgusidae]Z02
         |--Vatinae [Vatidae]Z02
         |    |--Stagmatoptera hyalopteraZ02, R15
         |    `--ParastagmatopteraZ02
         |         |--P. flavoguttata (Serville 1839) [=Mantis flavoguttata]R18
         |         `--P. unipunctataR15
         |    |--Miopteryx argentinaR15
         |    `--Musonia [=Promusonia Giglio-Tos 1916; incl. Mionyx]R18
         |         |--*M. surinama [=*Promusonia surinama]R18
         |         |--M. lineativentris [=*Mionyx lineativentris]R18
         |         `--M. major Saussure & Zehntner 1894R18
         |    |--Orthoderina stramineaR96
         |    `--OrthoderaH04
         |         |--O. gunniiW70
         |         |--O. ministralisR96
         |         `--O. novaezealandiaeH04
         |    |--Coptopteryx [Coptopteriges, Coptopterygini]SB07
         |    |    |--C. argentinaR15
         |    |    |--C. crenaticollisBM76
         |    |    `--C. gayiBM76
         |    `--Photinaini [Orthoderellae]SB07
         |         |--Orthoderella ornataR15
         |         `--Photina Burmeister 1838SB07
         |              `--*P. vitrea (Burmeister 1838) (see below for synonymy)SB07
              |--Neomantis australisR96
              |--Kongobatha diademataR96
              |--Ima fuscaR96
                   |--B. maiaB91
                   |--B. nigraR96
                   `--B. pallidaK70

*Photina vitrea (Burmeister 1838) [=Mantis (*Photina) vitrea (nom. cons.) non Stoll 1813, Cardioptera vitrea, Metriomantis vitrea; incl. Photina amplipennis Stål 1877]SB07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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