Margarites frigidus, copyright Chris J. Lanczycki.

Belongs within: Vetigastropoda.
Contains: Margarites (Margarites), Margarites (Pupillaria).

The Margaritinae are a group of small marine snails with a thin, internally iridescent shell (Knight et al. 1960).

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960, as Margaritinae): Small, thin shells, iridescent within; conical, turbiniform, or sublenticular; mostly phaneromphalous, a few anomphalous; peristome interrupted and columellar and outer lips usually unthickened; columellar lip only rarely toothed; outer lip not strongly prosocline.

<==Margaritidae [Margaritinae]
|--Lischkeia Fischer in Kiener 1879KC60
| `--*L. monilifera (Lamarck 1816) [=Trochus moniliferus]KC60
|--Eosolariella Haas 1953KC60
| `--*E. turbinea (von Ammon 1893) [=Margarita turbinea]KC60
|--Solarioconulus Cossmann 1918 [=Solariconulus Wenz 1938]KC60
| `--*S. nudus (Münster 1841) [=Trochus nudus]KC60
|--Atira Stewart 1926KC60
| `--*A. ornatissima (Gabb 1864) [=Angaria ornatissima]KC60
|--Antimargarita Powell 1951KC60
| `--*A. dulcis (Smith 1907) [=Valvatella dulcis]KC60
|--Tibatrochus Nomura 1940KC60
| `--*T. husaensis Nomura 1940KC60
|--Timisia Jekelius 1944KC60
| `--*T. pseudopicta Jekelius 1944KC60
|--Tropidomarga Powell 1951KC60
| `--*T. biangulata Powell 1951KC60
|--Mirachelus Woodring 1928KC60
| |--*M. corbis (Dall 1889) [=Calliostoma corbis, Euchelus (*Mirachelus) corbis]KC60
| `--M. galapagensis McLean 1970BC01
|--Gaza Watson 1879 [Gazidae, Gazini]BR05
| | i. s.: G. compta Simone & Cunha 2006S11
| | G. cubana Clench & Aguayo 1940S11
| | G. superba (Dall 1881)S11
| |--*G. (Gaza) daedala Watson 1879KC60
| `--G. (Callogaza Dall 1881)KC60
| `--G. (*C.) watsoni Dall 1881KC60
|--Garramites Stephenson 1941KC60
| `--*G. nitidus Stephenson 1941KC60
`--Margarites Gray 1847BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| i. s.: ‘Margarita’ acuminataC64
| ‘Margarita’ albula Gould 1861C64
| *Margarita’ arctica Leach 1819BR17 [incl. M. arctica var. majorC64]
| ‘Margarita’ argentataC64
| ‘Margarita’ costellataC64
| M. funiculata (Carpenter 1864) [=Gibbula funiculata]O27
| ‘Margarita’ hilliiC64
| ‘Margarita’ ianthina Gould 1861C64
| ‘Margarita’ marmorea Pease 1861K65
| ‘Margarita’ mustelina Gould 1861C64
| ‘Margarita’ obscuraC64
| M. parcipicta (Carpenter 1864) [=Gibbula parcipicta]O27
| ‘Margarita’ purpurataC64
| ‘Margarita’ pusillaC64
| ‘Margarita’ schantaricaC64
| M. sordidusO27
| M. striatus (Leach 1819)R90 (see below for synonymy)
| M. unio (Philippi 1887)BS00
|--M. (Margarites)KC60
|--M. (Bathymophila Dall 1881)KC60
| `--M. (*B.) euspira (Dall 1881) [=Margarita euspira]KC60
|--M. (Cantharidoscops Galkin 1955)KC60
| `--M. (*C.) frigidus Dall 1919KC60
|--M. (Margaritopsis Thiele 1906)KC60
| `--M. (*M.) frielei (Krause 1885) [=Margarita frielei]KC60
|--M. (Periaulax Cossmann 1888)KC60
| `--M. (*P.) spiratus (Lamarck 1804) [=Solarium spiratum]KC60
`--M. (Pupillaria)KC60

Margarites Gray 1847BR17 [incl. Eumargarita Fischer 1885KC60, Margarita Leach 1819 non Leach 1814KC60, Valvatella Gray in Melvill 1897 non Gray 1857KC60; Margaritini]

Margarites striatus (Leach 1819) [=Margarita striata non Trochus striatus Linné 1767 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.), Trochus leachii Philippi 1852; incl. Turbo carneus Lowe 1825, Margarita carnea, Trochus cincerarius Fabricius 1780 non T. cinerarius Linnaeus 1758, Margarita cinerea non Turbo cinereus Couthouy 1838, Trochus fabricii Philippi 1852, Turbo incarnatus Couthouy 1838, Margarita incarnata, Trochus margaritus Gray 1826, Margarita undulata trochiformis Möller 1842, Margarita undulata Sowerby 1838, Margarita groenlandica var. undulata, Margarites undulata, Trochus undulatus]R90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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