Prunum sapotilla, from here.

Belongs within: Volutoidea.
Contains: Marginellinae, Pruninae, Mesoginella.

The Marginellidae, margin shells, are a group of small neogastropods with a thickened lip to the shell and lacking an operculum. Members of the subfamily Marginelloninae are generally larger than Marginellinae and have a distinctive short radula bearing broad rachidian teeth with a large number of cusps. The Granulininae have cylindrical shells without an external spire. Marginellinae are characterised by the morphology of the gland of Leiblein which has a long, convoluted duct and ends in a terminal bulb. Members of the genus Prunum have a relatively large shell with a strong callus.

Marginellidae [Marginelladae, Marginelloidea, Rhachiglossidae]
| i. s.: Mesomarginella valei Powell 1932HS01
| `--PruninaeFG19
`--Austroginellinae [Austroginellini]FG19
| i. s.: Conuginella Laseron 1957CC95
| `--*C. inermis (Tate 1878) [=Marginella inermis]CC95
| Ovaginella Laseron 1957FG19
| |--*O. ovulum (Sowerby 1846) (see below for synonymy)W94
| |--O. microscopica May 1911 [incl. O. cylichnella May 1917]W94
| |--O. pisum Reeve 1865W94
| |--O. tenisoni Pritchard 1900 [incl. O. rotunda Laseron 1948, O. stiria Cotton 1949]W94
| `--O. whani Pritchard & Gatliff 1900W94
| Caribeginella Espinosa & Ortea 1998FG19
| Marigordiella Espinosa & Ortea 2010FG19
|--+--Serrata Jousseaume 1875FG19, W94 [incl. Exiginella Laseron 1957CC95, Haloginella Laseron 1957W94]
| | |--*S. serrata (Gaskoin 1849) [=Marginella serrata]W94
| | |--S. mustelina (Angas 1871)CC95 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--S. translata (Redfield 1870)CC95
| | |--‘Marginella’ winteri Tate 1878 [=*Exiginella winteri]CC95
| | `--S. tuii (Cossignani 2001)FG19
| `--Serrataginella Coovert & Coovert 1995CC95
| `--*S. spryi (Clover 1974) [=Marginella spryi]CC95
`--+--+--+--Stromboginella Laseron 1957CC95
| | | `--*S. crassidens (Chapman & Crespin 1928) [=Marginella crassidens]CC95
| | `--Hydroginella Laseron 1957FG19, CC95 [incl. Neptoginella Laseron 1957CC95, Pillarginella Gabriel 1962CC95]
| | |--*H. dispersa Laseron 1957 [=Serrata dispersa]W94
| | |--H. caledonica (Jousseaume 1877)CC95
| | |--H. columnaria (Hedley & May 1908)CC95, W94 [=Marginella columnariaW94, *Pillarginella columnariaW94]
| | |--*Neptoginella’ fascicula Laseron 1957 [=Serrata fascicula]W94
| | |--‘Pillarginella’ mixta Petterd 1884W94
| | |--H. tridentata (Tate 1878)CC95 [=Pillarginella tridentataW94]
| | `--‘Pillarginella’ vincentiana Cotton 1944 [incl. P. albida Tate 1878]W94
| `--+--Mioginella Laseron 1957CC95
| | `--*M. regula (Cotton 1949) [=Marginella regula]CC95
| `--Protoginella Laseron 1957FG19, CC95
| |--*P. lavigata (Brazier 1877) (see below for synonymy)CC95
| |--P. laseroniFG19
| |--P. maestratiiFG19
| `--P. praetera Laseron 1957W94
`--+--+--Nudifaba Eames 1952CC95
| | `--*N. rakhiensis (Eames 1952) [=Marginella (*Nudifaba) rakhiensis]CC95
| `--Alaginella Laseron 1957 (see below for synonymy)CC95
| |--*A. ochracea (Angas 1871)W94, H09 (see below for synonymy)
| |--A. albino Laseron 1957W94
| |--A. borda Cotton 1944W94
| |--‘Triginella’ brazieri Smith 1891W94
| |--A. carinata (Smith 1891) [=Marginella carinata, *Carinaginella carinata]CC95
| |--A. gatliffi May 1911W94
| |--A. geminata (Hedley 1912)CC95 (see below for synonymy)
| |--A. malina (Hedley 1915)CC95 (see below for synonymy)
| |--‘Triginella’ pachia Watson 1886W94
| |--‘Marginella’ palla Cotton 1949 [=*Cassoginella palla]CC95
| |--A. pygmora Laseron 1957W94
| |--A. valida (Watson 1886) [=Marginella valida]CC95
| `--A. vercoi May 1910 [incl. A. everardensis Gabriel 1961, A. sica Cotton 1957]W94
`--+--Austroginella Laseron 1957CC95, BR05 [incl. Plicaginella Laseron 1957W94]
| |--*A. muscaria (Lamarck 1822)BR17 [=Marginella muscariaBR17; incl. A. lactea Hutton 1880W94]
| |--A. formicula (Lamarck 1822)W94 [=Marginella formiculaCC95, *Plicaginella formiculaCC95]
| |--A. georgiana May 1915W94
| |--A. johnstoni (Petterd 1884) [incl. A. minor Tate & May 1901]W94
| |--A. muscaroides (Tate 1878) [=Marginella muscaroides]CC95
| |--A. praetermissa May 1916W94
| |--A. queenslandica Laseron 1957W94
| |--A. tasmanica Tenison Woods 1876W94
| `--A. translucida Sowerby 1846 (see below for synonymy)W94

Alaginella Laseron 1957 [incl. Carinaginella Laseron 1957, Cassoginella Laseron 1957, Triginella Laseron 1957]CC95

Alaginella geminata (Hedley 1912)CC95 [=Marginella geminataCC95, Protoginella geminataCC95; incl. P. weedingi Cotton 1944W94]

Alaginella malina (Hedley 1915)CC95 [=Marginella malinaW94, *Triginella malinaW94; incl. T. malinoides Gabriel 1962CC95]

*Alaginella ochracea (Angas 1871)W94, H09 [=Marginella ochraceaW94; incl. A. crescere Laseron 1948W94, A. laeviplicata Laseron 1948W94, A. metcalfei Angas 1877W94]

Austroginella translucida Sowerby 1846 [incl. A. attenuata Weinkauff 1879, A. humerica Laseron 1957, A. volutiformis Reeve 1865]W94

*Ovaginella ovulum (Sowerby 1846) [=Marginella ovulum; incl. O. cypraeoides Tenison Woods 1878, O. petterdi Beddome 1883]W94

*Protoginella lavigata (Brazier 1877) [=Marginella (Prunum) lavigata, M. laevigata Hedley 1901 non Eichwald 1830; incl. M. baudinensis Smith 1899]CC95

Serrata mustelina (Angas 1871)CC95 [=Hyalina (Volvarina) mustelinaCC95, *Haloginella mustelinaW94, Marginella mustelinaCC95; incl. Volvarina pellucida Tenison Woods 1877W94, V. stanislas Tenison Woods 1877W94]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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