Scented milk vine Marsdenia suaveolens, copyright Casliber.

Belongs within: Asclepiadoideae.

The Marsdenieae are a clade of asclepiads united by molecular data. They were defined by Sennblad & Bremer (2002) as the most inclusive clade including Marsdenia and Hoya but not Asclepiadeae, Fockeeae or Ceropegieae.

    |--+--‘Marsdenia’ verrucosaTGL-S08
    |  `--Rhyssolobium dumosumTGL-S08
    |--+--Gongronema wallichiiTGL-S08
    |  `--Hoya Br. 1800TGL-S08, L95
    |       |--H. africanaC55
    |       |--H. aldrichii Hemsley 1890JG19
    |       |--H. archboldianaB00
    |       |--H. australisB00
    |       |    |--H. a. ssp. australisLK14
    |       |    `--H. a. ssp. rupicolaLK14
    |       |--H. bellaSB02
    |       |--H. camphorifoliaTGL-S08
    |       |--H. carnosa (L.) Br. 1811 [=Asclepias carnosa L. 1781]L95
    |       |--H. coronariaP88
    |       |--H. cumingianaB00
    |       |--H. imperialisT-W89
    |       |--H. lacunosaT-W89
    |       |--H. macgillivrayiB00
    |       |--H. manipurensisTGL-S08
    |       |--H. pratenseT-W89
    |       `--H. smithiiM03
    |            |--H. s. ssp. smithiiM03
    |            `--H. s. ssp. palniensisM03
    `--+--Cionura erectaTGL-S08
       |    |--T. accedensTGL-S08
       |    `--T. cordataSK02
       |    |--G. inodorumTGL-S08
       |    |--G. khandalenseSR07
       |    |--G. sylvestreP03
       |    |--G. syringifoliumT-W89
       |    `--G. tricholepisF91
       `--Marsdenia Brown 1800TGL-S08, L95
            |--M. angustataLK14
            |--M. australis (Brown) Druce 1917 [=Leichhardtia australis Brown 1849; incl. M. leichhardtiana Mueller 1866]BR65
            |--M. clausaJ87
            |--M. coronataB00
            |--M. elliptica Decne. in DC. 1844L95
            |--M. geminata [=Gymnema geminatum]B00
            |--M. gillespieaeTGL-S08
            |--M. glanduliferaB00
            |--M. graniticolaKM08
            |--M. hemipteraB00
            |--M. micradenia [=Gymnema micradenium]B00
            |--M. microlepisB00
            |--M. pleiadenia [=Gymnema pleiadenium]B00
            |--M. rostrataB00
            |--M. suaveolensB00
            |--M. sylvestrisTGL-S08
            |--M. tenacissimaTGL-S08
            |--M. trinervisLK14
            |--M. velutinaB00
            `--M. viridifloraB00
                 |--M. v. ssp. viridifloraLK14
                 `--M. v. ssp. tropicaLK14
Marsdenieae incertae sedis:
    |--D. astephanaP88
    |--D. benghalensisBB07
    |--D. lanceolataLC02
    |--D. majorP88
    |--D. nummulariaB00 [incl. D. ridleyiP88]
    `--D. rafflesianaN91
  Stephanotis floribundaSB02
  Micholitzia obcordataSB02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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