Pine marten Martes martes, from here.

Belongs within: Mustelinae.

Martes, the martens, is a group of semiarboreal mustelids found in Eurasia and North America. Members of the genus have moderately elongate bodies, wedge-shaped faces with relatively large rounded ears, and bushy tails.

<==Martes Pinel 1792SM93
|--M. pennanti (Erxleben 1777)FS15, B75 [=Mustela pennantiB75]
`--+--Gulo guloFS15
| |--G. g. guloB75
| `--G. g. luscus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Ursus luscus]B75
`--+--+--M. flavigula (Boddaert 1785)FS15, B01 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--M. f. flavigulaBP87
| | |--‘Mustela’ flavigula borealis Radde 1862B01
| | |--M. f. chrysospilaBP87
| | |--‘Mustela’ f. henricii Westerman 1849 [incl. M. lasiotis Temm. 1892]B01
| | |--‘Mustela’ f. kuatunensis Bonhote 1901B01
| | |--‘Mustela’ f. peninsularis Bonhote 1901B01
| | |--M. f. robinsoniBP87
| | `--M. f. xanthospila Swinhoe 1870 [=Mustela flavigula xanthospila]B01
| `--M. gwatkinsii Horsf. 1851FS15, B01 [=Mustela gwatkinsiiB01]
`--+--M. foina Erxleben 1777FS15, MQG01
`--+--M. melampus Wagner 1840FS15, M76
| |--M. m. melampusI92
| `--M. m. tsuensis (Thomas 1897)I92
`--+--M. zibellinaFS15
`--+--M. americana (Turton 1806)FS15, B75
`--M. martesFS15

Inorganic: Martes zibellina minilorientalis Okamura 1987O87

Martes flavigula (Boddaert 1785)FS15, B01 [=Mustela flavigulaB01; incl. Galidictis chrysogaster Ham. Smith 1842B01, Mu. hardwickei Horsf. 1834B01, Mu. leucotis Bechst. 1800B01, Mu. melina Kerr 1792B01, Viverra quadricolor Shaw 1800B01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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