Miliolinella subrotunda, copyright Marek Zajaczkowski & Patrycja Jernas.

Belongs within: Miliolina.

The Miliolinellinae are a group of miliolid Foraminifera known from the Eocene to the present, characterised by a simple wall, and the presence of a broad, flat tooth or flap partially closing the aperture (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

|--Pseudomassilina Lacroix 1938LT64 [PseudomassilininaeM13]
| |--*P. australis (Cushman 1932) [=Massilina australis]LT64
| `--P. subgranulataS05
|--Massilina Schlumberger 1893C40 [incl. Proemassilina Lacroix 1938LT64; MassilininaeM13]
| |--*M. secans (d’Orbigny 1826) [=Quinqueloculina secans]C40
| | |--M. s. secansA68
| | `--M. s. tropicalis Collins 1958A68
| |--M. peruvianaLT64
| |--M. prattiC40
| |--M. pulchra Cushman & Gray 1930S-VC91
| |--M. robustior Cushman & Valentine 1930S-VC91
| `--M. rugosa Sidebottom 1904 [=*Proemassilina rugosa]LT64
|--Miliolinella Wiesner 1931S-VC91 [MiliolinellinaeM13]
| |--*M. subrotunda (Montagu 1803) [=Vermiculum subrotundum]LT64
| |--M. australis (Parr 1932)S05
| |--M. californica Rhumbler 1936S-VC91
| |--M. labiosa (d’Orbigny 1839)S05
| |--M. lamellidens [=Quinqueloculina lamellidens]C40
| `--M. oblongaC40
|--Flintina Cushman 1921C40 [FlintininaeM13]
| |--*F. bradyana Cushman 1921 [incl. Miliolina fichteliana Brady 1884 non d’Orbigny 1839]LT64
| |--F. crassatina (Brady 1884)A68
| |--F. fichteliana (d’Orbigny 1839)A68
| `--F. triquetra (Brady 1879)A68
`--Tortonella Didkovskiy 1957LT64 [TortonellinaeM13]
`--*T. bondartschuki Didkovskiy 1957LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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