Promathildia janeti, from Gründel & Nützel (2012).

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.

The Mathildidae are a group of small, deep-water marine gastropods with an elongate shell with strong spiral sculpture and carinate whorls.

<==Mathildidae [Mathildiidae]
|–Proturba intermittens (Kittl 1894) TE01
|–Tuba Lea 1833 [Tubidae] BR05
|    `–*T. alternata Lea 1833 BR17
|–Turritellopsis Sars 1878 [Turritellopsidae, Turritellopsinae, Turritellopsoidea] BR05
|    `–*T. stimpsoni Dall 1919 (see below for synonymy) BR17
|–Mathildona Iredale 1929 P61
|    |–*M. euglypta P61
|    `–M. cookiana Dell 1956 P61
|–Mathilda Semper 1865 [=Mathildia Bosquet 1869] BR17
|    |–*M. quadricarinata (Brocchi 1814) [=Turbo quadricarinatus] BR17
|    |–M. elegantula Angas 1871 H09
|    `–M. oppia Hedley 1907 H09
|–Opimilda Iredale 1929 P61
|    |–*O. decorata [=Mathilda decorata] P61
|    |    |–O. d. decorata P61
|    |    `–O. d. aupouria Dell 1956 P61
|    `–O. maoria Powell 1940 P61
`–Promathildia Andreae 1887 YZ83, BR17 [=Promathilda BR17; Promathildidae, Promathildiidae]
|  i. s.: P. barroisi G31
|         P. biseriaetuberculata G31
|         P. kasanensis G31
|         P. naricata Gründel 1973 GK02
|         P. spirocostata Batten & Stokes 1986 TTE93
|–P. (Promathildia) BR17
|    |–*P. (P.) janeti (Cossmann 1885) [=Mathilda janeti] BR17
|    `–P. (P.) subnodosa (Münster 1841) [=Fusus subnodosus] BR17
`–P. (Clathrobaculus Cossmann 1912) YZ83
|–P. (C.) doncieuxi Cossmann 1913 YZ83
`–‘Turritella’ subulatissima Hébert & Eudes-Deslongchamps 1860 G01

*Turritellopsis stimpsoni Dall 1919 [incl. Turritella acicula Stimpson 1851 non Phillips 1836, Turritellopsis acicula] BR17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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