Megachile (Amegachile)

Megachile mystacea, copyright Jacinda.

Belongs within: Megachilini.

The subgenus Amegachile of the genus Megachile is an assemblage of large leafcutter bees with cutting edges in the second and third interspaces of the female, and the abdomen strongly tapering apically (Houston 2018).

<==Megachile (Amegachile Friese 1909) [incl. Callochile Michener 1962]M65
    |--M. (A.) mystacea (Fabricius 1775)H18, M65 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) bicolorM65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) bougainvilliana Strand 1911M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) butonensis Friese 1909M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) cartereti Cockerell 1911M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) ferricincta Cockerell 1939M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) foliata Smith 1861M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) hilli Cockerell 1929M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) labascensM65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) nigrohirta Friese 1903M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) othona Cameron 1901M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) placida Smith 1862M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) puncticollis Friese 1903M65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) rhododendriM65
    |--M. (‘Callochile’) rufocaudata Friese 1903M65
    `--M. (‘Callochile’) saigonensisM65

Megachile (Amegachile) mystacea (Fabricius 1775)H18, M65 [=Apis mystaceaM65, M. (Callochile) mystaceaM65, M. (Hackeriapis) mystaceaR35; incl. M. ustulatiformis Cockerell 1910M65, *Callochile ustulatiformisM65]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H18] Houston, T. 2018. A Guide to Native Bees of Australia. CSIRO Publishing.

[M65] Michener, C. D. 1965. A classification of the bees of the Australian and South Pacific regions. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 130: 1–362.

[R35] Rayment, T. 1935. A Cluster of Bees: Sixty essays on the life-histories of Australian bees, with specific descriptions of over 100 new species. Endeavour Press: Sydney.

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