Megachile (Eutricharaea)

Megachile macularis visiting Stemodia viscosa flower, copyright Jenny Thynne.

Belongs within: Megachile.

Megachile subgenus Eutricharaea is a group of relatively generalised leafcutter bees found in Eurasia, Africa and Australasia (Michener 1965).

Characters (from Michener 1965): Usually dull colored, gray, often with pale metasomal bands of hair; mandible of female with cutting edge present in third interval, cutting edge in second interval usually present although incomplete; third mandibular tooth of female, as well as second, angulate; sixth tegum of male with carina emarginate medially, apical margin with small lateral teeth only, in some cases weak indications of two other teeth.

Megachile (Eutricharaea Thomson 1872)M65 (see below for synonymy)
|--M. (E.) rotundata [=M. (Neoeutricharaea) rotundata]GGE19
`--+--M. (*E.) argentata (Fabricius 1793)M65, GGE19, M65 (see below for synonymy)
`--M. (E.) leachella [=M. (Perezia) leachella]GGE19

Megachile (Eutricharaea) incertae sedis:
M. (E.) albomarginata Smith 1879M65
M. (E.) annae Friese 1908M65
M. ‘(Paramegachile)’ apicalisMS01
M. (E.) armstrongi Perkins & Cheesman 1928M65
M. (E.) aurantiscopa Krombein 1949M65
M. (E.) austeni Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) australasiae Dalla Torre 1896 [incl. M. imitata Smith 1868 non Smith 1853]M65
M. (E.) australis Lucas 1876M65
M. (E.) buxtoni Perkins & Cheesman 1928M65
M. (E.) calens Cockerell 1914M65
M. (E.) capitonis Cockerell 1914M65
M. (E.) cetera Cockerell 1912M65
M. (E.) chrysopyga Smith 1853M65
M. (E.) chrysopygopsis Cockerell 1929M65
M. (E.) chyzeri Friese 1909M65
M. (E.) ciliatipes Cockerell 1921M65
M. (E.) cingulata Friese 1903M65
M. (E.) cygnorum Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) dampieri Cockerell 1907M65
M. (E.) darwiniana Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) detersa Cockerell 1910 [=*Androgynella detersa]M65
M. (E.) diligensM65
M. (E.) disputabilis Krombein 1951M65
M. (E.) doanei Cockerell 1908M65
M. (E.) doleschalli Cockerell 1907M65
M. (E.) dubiosa Friese 1909M65
M. (E.) fimbriventris Friese 1911M65
M. (E.) fullawayi Cockerell 1914M65
M. (E.) fulvifrons Alfken 1926M65
M. (E.) gahani Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) glaberrima Friese 1911M65
M. (E.) haematogastra Cockerell 1921M65
M. (E.) hampsoni Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) hedleyi Rainbow 1897M65
M. (E.) ignescens Cockerell 1929M65
M. (E.) insularis Smith 1859M65
M. (E.) kurandensis Cockerell 1910M65
M. (E.) kuschei Cockerell 1939M65
M. (E.) lanigera [=M. (*Anodonteutricharaea) lanigera]GGE19
M. (E.) leucopogon Cockerell 1929M65
M. (E.) lineatipes Cockerell 1910M65
M. ‘(Paramegachile) lucidula Mocsáry in Mocsáry & Szépligeti 1901MS01
M. (E.) maculariformis Cockerell 1907M65
M. (E.) macularis Dalla Torre 1896 [incl. M. maculata Smith 1853 non Apis maculata]M65
M. (E.) minutissimaGGE19
M. (E.) minutula Friese 1911M65
M. (E.) obtusa Smith 1853M65
M. (E.) papuana Cockerell 1929M65
M. (E.) phenacopyga Cockerell 1910M65
M. (E.) pictiventris Smith 1879M65
M. (E.) quinquelineata Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) rhodogastra Cockerell 1910M65
M. (E.) rowlandi Cockerell 1930M65
M. (E.) rufopilosa Friese 1911M65
M. (E.) scutellata Smith 1879M65
M. (E.) secunda Dalla Torre 1896 [incl. M. senex Smith 1862 non Smith 1853]M65
M. (E.) sequior Cockerell 1910M65
M. (E.) serricauda Cockerell 1910M65
M. (E.) shortlandi Cockerell 1911M65
M. (E.) similis Smith 1879M65
M. (E.) simplex Smith 1853M65
M. (E.) subsericeicauda Rayment 1939M65
M. (E.) tenuicincta Cockerell 1929M65
M. (E.) tutuilae Perkins & Cheesman 1928M65
M. (E.) vavauensis Cockerell 1924M65
M. (E.) ventralis Smith 1861M65
M. (E.) villipes [=M. (Anodonteutricharaea) villipes]GGE19
M. (E.) waterhousei Cockerell 1906M65
M. (E.) wilmattae Cockerell 1924M65
M. (E.) woodfordi Cockerell 1911M65
M. (E.) wyndhamensis Rayment 1935M65
M. (E.) zingowli Cheesman 1936M65

Megachile (Eutricharaea Thomson 1872)M65 [=Paramegachile Friese 1898M65, ParamegalochilaGGE19; incl. Androgynella Cockerell 1911M65, AnodonteutricharaeaGGE19, FertonellaGGE19, MelanoeutricharaeaGGE19, NeoeutricharaeaGGE19]

Megachile (*Eutricharaea) argentata (Fabricius 1793)M65, GGE19, M65 [=Apis argentataM65, Anthophora argentataL49, *Paramegachile argentataM65]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GGE19] Gonzalez, V. H., G. T. Gustafson & M. S. Engel. 2019. Morphological phylogeny of Megachilini and the evolution of leaf-cutter behavior in bees (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Journal of Melittology 85: 1–123.

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