Zeugophora subspinosa, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Phytophaga.

The Megalopodidae are a morphologically disparate group of leaf beetles bearing a stridulatory file on the mesonotum (Clark & Riley 2002).

Characters (from Clark & Riley 2002): Antennae not reflexed backwards, their insertion points not on tubercles and located low on face above base of mandibles; ligula often large, membranous, bilobed; mesonotal stridulatory file present; paired apical spurs on all tibiae; male genitalia with elongate and separate anterior apodemes.

<==Megalopodidae [Megalopinae]
    |  i. s.: Colobaspis arida (Westwood 1864) [=Temnaspis arida]M05
    |         CucujopsisLB91
    |         TemnaspisM05
    |           |--T. bifasciata Mohamedsaid 1999M05
    |           |--T. javanaM05
    |           |--T. lunduensis Mohamedsaid 2005M05
    |           `--T. nigripennis Jacoby 1889J89
    |--Palophagus [Palophaginae]CR02
    `--+--Megalopus [Megalopodinae]CR02
       |    |--M. argmatus Lacordaire 1845CR02
       |    |--M. (Megalopus) nigriconisG20
       |    `--M. (Zygophora) subspinosusG20
       `--Zeugophora Kunze 1818 (nom. cons.) [Zeugophorinae]CR02
            |  i. s.: Z. flavicollisC01
            |--Z. (Zeugophora) [incl. Auchenia Thunberg 1792 (nom. rej.), Taraxis LeConte 1850]CR02
            |    |--Z. (Z.) scutellaris Suffrian 1840B14
            |    `--Z. (Z.) subspinosaB14
            `--Z. (Pedrillia Westwood 1864) (see below for synonymy)CR02

Zeugophora (Pedrillia Westwood 1864) [incl. Austrolema Oke 1932, Macrozeugophora Achard 1914, Pedrillimorpha Papp 1946 (nom. inv.), Pedrilliomorpha Pic 1917, Pedrilonga Papp 1946 (nom. inv.), Pedrinella Papp 1946 (nom. inv.)]CR02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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