Rock bristletail Machiloides banksi, copyright Katja Schulz.

Belongs within: Archaeognatha.

The Meinertellidae are a group of bristletails found primarily in the Southern Hemisphere, characterised by very small abdominal sterna which only protrude slightly, if at all, between the coxites, no scales on the legs, scape and pedicel, and male terminalia with a very short penis and lacking parameres (Watson & Smith 1991).

<==Meinertellidae [Meinertellinae] R02
|–Neomachilellus F90
|–Megalopsobius W39
|–Machilontus W39
|–Meinertellus cundinamarcensis W39, SC17
|–Meinertelloides W39
|–Macropsontus W39
|–Machilellus W39
|–Allomachilis Silvestri 1904 W39
|    `–A. froggatti Silvestri 1904 W39
|–Hypomachilodes Silvestri 1911 F90
|    `–H. texanus F90
|–Machilinus Silvestri 1904 F90
|    |–M. aurantiacus F90
|    `–M. nevadensis Sweetman 1937 S37
|–Nesomachilis WS91
|    |–N. australica WS91
|    |–N. maoricus A99 [=Machiloides maoricus W39]
|    |–N. queenslandica WS91
|    `–N. tamborina WS91
`–Machiloides Silvestri 1904 F90
|–M. australicus Wom. 1938 W39
|–M. banksi Silvestri 1911 F90
|–M. hickmani Womersley 1939 W39
|–M. petauristes Wygodzinsky & Schmidt 1980 F90
`–M. sarasini [incl. M. s. var. montivaga, M. s. var. profuga] W39

*Type species of generic name indicated


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