Eastern melampus Melampus bidentatus, from here.

Belongs within: Ellobioidea.

The Melampodinae are a group of ellobiid gastropods differing from other members of the family in the presence of a planktonic larval stage (Martins 1996).

Characters (from Martins 1996): Protoconch heterostrophic, showing one-half of nuclear whorls above teleoconch. Reproductive system semidiaulic, with short spermoviduct, non-glandular pallial ducts, spermathecal duct entering at or near proximal end of vagina; penial complex very elongated, with marked proximal and distal portions, penis present at origin of distal portion, or absent with vas deferens opening at proximal end of penial complex through short, straight tube. Visceral nerve ring short.

Melampodinae [Conovulidae, Conovulinae, Melampacea, Melampea, Melampinae, Melampodidae]BR17
|--Conovula Schweigger 1820BR05
|--Tralia Gray 1840M96, PB27
| |--T. ovula (Bruguière 1789)M96 (see below fpr synonymy)
| |--T. panamensis (Adams 1852)M96
| |--T. semiplicata (Pease 1860) [=Melampus (Tralia) semiplicata]K65
| `--T. striata (Pease 1861) (see below for synonymy)K65
`--Melampus Montfort 1810BR05 [=Conovulus Lamarck 1816BR05, BR17]
| i. s.: M. acinoides Morelet 1889 [=M. (Pseudomelampus) acinoides]PB27
| M. adamsianus Pfeiffer 1855H09
| M. caffer (Küster 1844) [=Auricula caffra; incl. M. ater Adams & Adams 1854]PB27
| M. carolianus (Lesson 1842)M96
| M. cristatus Pfeiffer 1855H09
| M. granosa (Hombr. & Jacq. 1853) [=Auricula granosa]H09
| M. hypoleucus v. Martens 1897PB27
| M. kuesteri (Krauss in Küster 1844) (see below for synonymy)PB27
| M. liberianus Adams & Adams 1854 [incl. M. obovatus Adams & Adams 1854]PB27
| M. lineatusJ65
| M. lividus (Deshayes 1830) (see below for synonymy)PB27
| M. massauensis Ehrenberg in Pfeiffer 1858 (see below for synonymy)PB27
| M. monile (Bruguière 1789)PB27 [=Bulimus monilePB27, Auricula monilePB27, Conovulus monileG20]
| M. moreleti Pilsbry & Bequaert 1927 [=M. granum Morelet 1872 non Gassies 1869]PB27
| M. mousleyi Berry 1964PP78
| M. olivaceus Carpenter 1856O27
| M. ordinarius Melvill & Ponsonby 1901PB27
| M. parvulus Nuttall in Pfeiffer 1856PB27
| M. pulchellus (Petit 1843) [=Auricula pulchella]H09
| M. semiaratus Connolly 1912PB27
| M. siamensis v. Martens 1865 [incl. M. ehrenbergianus Morelet 1872]PB27
| M. stutchburyiH09
| M. trifasciatus Kuster 1844H09
| M. umlaasianus (Krauss in Küster 1844) (see below for synonymy)PB27
| M. uniplicatus (Mittre 1841) [=Auricula uniplicata]PB27
| M. variabilis Gassies 1863H09
| M. wilkei Dohrn 1860PB27
|--M. (Melampus)M64
| |--*M. (M.) coniformis (Bruguière 1789)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--M. (M.) coffeus (Linnaeus 1758)M64, M96 [=Voluta coffeaPB27, Conovulus coffeeG40]
| `--M. (M.) flavus (Gmelin 1791) [=Voluta flava; incl. M. luteus Quoy & Gaimard 1833]M64
`--M. (Micromelampus)M64
|--M. (M.) bidentatus Say 1822M64, BF89
`--M. (M.) nucleolus Martens 1865M64

Melampus kuesteri (Krauss in Küster 1844) [=Auricula kuesteri; incl. A. kuesteri var. oblonga Küster 1844, Melampus kuesteri var. oblongus]PB27

Melampus lividus (Deshayes 1830) [=Auricula livida; incl. A. livida var. caerulea Küster 1844, Melampus lividus var. caeruleus, A. livida var. fasciata Küster 1844, M. lividus var. fasciatus, A. livida var. ovata Küster 1844, M. lividus var. ovatus]PB27

Melampus massauensis Ehrenberg in Pfeiffer 1858 [=M. massanensis Paetel 1869, M. massensis Paetel 1873; incl. M. erythraeus Morelet 1872]PB27

Melampus umlaasianus (Krauss in Küster 1844) [=Auricula umlaasiana; incl. A. umlaasiana var. obscura Küster 1844, Melampus umlaasianus var. obscurus]PB27

*Melampus (Melampus) coniformis (Bruguière 1789)BR17 [=Bulimus coniformisBR17, Auricula coniformisG40, *Conovulus coniformisBR17]

Tralia ovula (Bruguière 1789)M96 [=Bulimus ovulusPB27, Auricula ovulaG40, Melampus ovulumG40; incl. A. nitens Küster 1841PB27, Voluta pusilla Gmelin 1791PB27, A. pusillaG40, *Tralia pusillaPB27, Voluta triplicataG40]

Tralia striata (Pease 1861) [=Melampus (Tralia) striatus, Auricula striata non Philippi 1846 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.); incl. M. montrouzieri]K65

*Type species of generic name indicated


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