Dorsal view of male Melanopa grandis, from Zhang & Zhang (2013). Scale bar = 2 mm.

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Melanopa is a genus of sclerosomatid harvestmen known from southern and eastern Asia. It is characterised by the presence of a pseudoarticular nodule on femur I, a median spine on scute II, and femora I and III that are shorter than the body, but the monophyly of the genus as a whole is suspect (Zhang & Zhang 2013).

Characters (from Roewer 1955): Femora I–IV with 0.1.00 nodules; median spine(s) present on area 2 of scutum only or on both areas 1 and 2; eyemound dorsally smooth or granular, without larger, prominent, single spines; femora I and III cylindrical, shorter than body.

<==Melanopa Thorell 1889R55
    |--*M. plebeja Thorell 1889R55 [=Gagrella plebejaR23]
    |--M. asperula Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. atrata (Stoliczka 1868)ZZ13 [=Gagrella atrataR23]
    |--M. cinctipes Banks 1930R55
    |--M. diluta Roewer 1929R55
    |--M. fragilis (With 1903)ZZ13 [=Gagrella fragilisM87]
    |--M. grandis Roewer 1910 (see below for synonymy)ZZ13
    |--M. guttata (Karsch 1881)R55 [=Gagrella guttataR23]
    |--M. hansenii (With 1903)R55 [=Gagrella hanseniiR23]
    |--M. hirta (With 1903)ZZ13 [=Gagrella hirtaM87; incl. M. fragilis luteomaculata Roewer 1911M87]
    |--M. impressata Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. laciniipes Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. maculipes Banks 1930R55
    |--M. matherania Roewer 1915R55
    |--M. nigra Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. nigripes Banks 1930R55
    |--M. ovata Sato & Suzuki 1938R55
    |--M. peguana Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. rugosa Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. satoi Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. scabra Roewer 1912R55
    |--M. similaris Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. sumatrana Suzuki 1982ZZ13
    |--M. thienemanni Roewer 1931R55
    |--M. transversalis Roewer 1912ZZ13 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. tristis Thorell 1889R55 [=Gagrella tristisR23]
    |--M. trochanteralis Roewer 1955R55
    |--M. unicolor Roewer 1912R55
    |--M. varians (With 1903)ZZ13 [=Gagrella variansM87]
    |    |--M. v. variansR23
    |    `--M. v. ‘dentata’ (With 1903) [=Gagrella varians dentata non G. dentata With 1903]R23
    |--M. vittata Roewer 1910R55
    |--M. wangi Zhu & Song 1999ZS99
    |--M. yuennanensis Roewer 1910R55
    `--M. zhui Zhang & Zhang 2013ZZ13
Nomen nudum: Melanopa ephippiatus Kishida 1934TM00

Melanopa grandis Roewer 1910 [incl. Gagrella crassitarsi Ha, Bae et al. 2004, Metagagrella damila Šilhavý 1976, Met. ussuriensis Redikorzew 1936]ZZ13

Melanopa transversalis Roewer 1912ZZ13 [incl. M. biceps Roewer 1929M87, Gagrella fragilis bispinosa With 1903 non G. feae bispinosa Thorell 1889M87, M. fragilis bispinosaM87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M87] Martens, J. 1987. Opiliones aus dem Nepal-Himalaya. VI. Gagrellinae (Arachnida: Phalangiidae). Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg 93: 87–202.

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[ZS99] Zhu M.-S. & Song D.-X. 1999. Two species of harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones: Phalangidae) from China. Journal of Hebei University 19 (2): 159–162.

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