Melobasis purpurascens, copyright John Eichler.

Belongs within: Buprestinae.

The Melanophilini are a group of jewel beetles with a partially coriaceous mentum and posteriorly sinuate prothorax (Bellamy & Nelson 2002).

Characters (from Bellamy & Nelson 2002): Antennae with sensory foveae placed on distal surface of antennomeres; antennal grooves open anteriorly; frons not contracted by insertion of antennae; epistoma without broad lateral lobes; mentum coriaceous in front; prothorax sinuate at posterior margin; punctation of pronotum simple; prosternum obtusely angulate behind coxae; scutellum small, visible; metacoxal plates distinctly dilated medially, mostly cut off laterally by prolongation of abdomen, with anterior margin rather straight, posterior margin oblique; protibia with two spurs.

<==Melanophilini [Melanophilina]B14
    |--Exagistus Deyrolle 1864B85
    |--Montouzieretta Obenberger 1924B85
    |--Theryaxia Carter 1928B85
    |--Chalcogenia Thomson 1879B85
    |--Xenomelanophila Sloop 1937BN02
    |    `--X. miranda (LeConte 1854)BN02
    |--Phaenops Dejean 1833B85, BN02
    |    `--P. cyaneaC01
    |--Torresita Gemminger & Herold 1869 [incl. Plagiope Saunders 1868]B85
    |    |--T. chrysochloris [=Buprestis chrysochloris]Mas86
    |    `--T. cuprifera [=Buprestis cuprifera, Anthaxia cuprifera; incl. T. chrysoptera]Mas86
    |--Melanophila Eschscholtz 1829BN02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--M. acuminata (Degeer 1774)B14
    |    |--M. drummondiS96
    |    `--M. fulvoguttataS96
    `--Melobasis Laporte & Gory 1837 [incl. Abrobapta Dejean 1837]B85
         |  i. s.: M. apicalis Macleay 1872Mas86
         |         M. azureipennis Macleay 1872Mas86
         |         M. chrysopteraMas86
         |         M. costata Macleay 1872Mas86
         |         M. cupreovittataMas86
         |         M. cupriceps [incl. M. iridescens, M. viridinitens]Mas86
         |         M. cyanipennis Bohem. 1858Mas86
         |         M. dilatataMas86
         |         M. gloriosaB14
         |         M. hypocrita Erichs. 1842Mas86
         |         M. ignicepsMas86
         |         M. laetaMas86
         |         M. lathamiMas86
         |         M. metalliferaMas86
         |         M. nervosaMas86
         |         M. obscura Macleay 1872Mas86
         |         M. prisca Erichs. 1842Mas86
         |         M. propinquaMas86
         |         M. purpurascens [incl. M. purpureosignata]Mas86
         |         M. pyritosa Hope 1846Mas86
         |         M. regalis Carter 1923B14
         |           |--M. r. regalisB14
         |           `--M. r. carnabyorumB14
         |         M. rubromarginataMas86
         |         M. saundersi Masters 1886Mas86
         |         M. sexplagiataMas86
         |         M. simplex Germ. 1848Mas86
         |         M. splendida [=Anthaxia splendida]Mas86
         |         M. suaveola Germ. 1848Mas86
         |         M. superba [=Anthaxia superba]Mas86
         |         M. suturalis Macleay 1886Mac86
         |         M. verna Hope 1846Mas86
         |         M. viridicepsMas86
         |         M. viridisMas86
         |--M. (Briseis Kerremans 1893 non Salisb. 1866 [ICBN])B85
         |    `--‘Briseis’ conicaMas86
         |--M. (Dicercopygus Deyrolle 1864)B85
         `--M. (Paramelobasis Thery 1923)B85

Melanophila Eschscholtz 1829BN02 [incl. Apatura Laporte & Gory 1838BN02, Diana Laporte & Gory 1839B85, Oxypteris Kirby 1837B85, Trachypteris Kirby 1837B85]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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