Membranoptera alata, copyright thephoxinus.

Belongs within: Delesseriaceae.

The Membranoptereae are delesseriaceous red algae growing as monopodial thalli with procarps restricted to the primary axial row of the fertile blades (Wynne 2001).

Characters (from Wynne 2001): Thallus monopodial, growing by means of single transversely dividing apical cell terminating each axis. Intercalary divisions absent in all cell rows. Not all third-order initials reaching thallus margin. Procarps restricted to primary axial row of fertile blades. Procarps formed from both blade surfaces (from both dorsal and ventral pericentral cells). Each procarp consisting of one carpogonial branch and two groups of sterile cells. Tetrasporangia produced in sori on surfaces of ordinary blades, on marginal bladelets, or on special proliferations.

    |--Holmesia californica (Dawson) Dawson 1945W01, S57 [=Loranthophycus californicusS57]
    |--Austrofolium Wynne 1988W01, LHK01
    |    |--*A. hassleri (Taylor) Wynne 1988LHK01 [=Hemineura hassleri Taylor 1947W03]
    |    `--‘Hemineura’ howelliiW03
    `--Membranoptera Stackhouse 1809W01
         |--M. alataLHK01
         |--M. denticulata [=Delesseria denticulata Montagne 1849]W03
         |--M. dimorpha Gardner 1926S57
         |--M. platyphylla (Setchell & Gardner) Kylin 1924 [=Pteridium serratum f. platyphyllum]S57
         |--M. serrata [=Delesseria serrata]W03
         |--M. tenuis Kylin 1924S57
         `--M. weeksiae Setchell & Gardner in Gardner 1926S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


[LHK01] Lin, S. M., M. H. Hommersand & G. T. Kraft. 2001. Characterization of Hemineura frondosa and the Hemineureae trib. nov. (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) from southern Australia. Phycologia 40 (2): 135–146.

[S57] Scagel, R. F. 1957. An annotated list of the marine algae of British Columbia and northern Washington (including keys to genera). National Museum of Canada Bulletin 150: 1–289.

[W03] Womersley, H. B. S. 2003. The Marine Benthic Flora of southern Australia. Rhodophytapart IIID. CeramialesDelesseriaceae, Sarcomeniaceae, Rhodomelaceae. Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 18. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra, and the State Herbarium of South Australia: Adelaide.

[W01] Wynne, M. J. 2001. The tribes of the Delesseriaceae (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta). Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium 23: 407–417.

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