Superb lyrebird Menura novaehollandiae, photographed by Fir002.

Belongs within: Passeriformes.

The Menurae include two genera of Australian birds, the lyrebirds Menura and the scrub-birds Atrichornis. Members of this clade have three pairs of intrinsic syringeal muscles (Ericson et al. 2002).

    |--Atrichornis Stejneger 1885 [incl. Atrichia Gould 1844 non Schrank 1803; Atrichiidae, Atrichornithidae]B94
    |    |--A. clamosus (Gould 1844) [=Atrichia clamosa; incl. Atrichornis clamosa campbelli Mathews 1916]WS48
    |    `--A. rufescens (Ramsay 1866)M03, R66 [=Atrichia rufescensR66]
    |         |--A. r. rufescensFP64
    |         |--A. r. ferrieriHSS13
    |         `--A. r. jacksoniFP64
    `--Menura Latham 1828 [Menuridae]B94
         |--M. albertiEC02
         |--M. novaehollandiaeEC02
         |    |--M. n. novaehollandiaeM03
         |    |--M. n. edwardiM03
         |    `--M. n. victoriaeM03
         |--M. superbaT62
         `--M. tyawanoidesEC02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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