Merizodus soledadinus, from Lebouvier et al. (2020).

Belongs within: Conjunctae.

The Merizodinae are a group of small ground beetles with a disjunct distribution in southern South America, southern Australasia and northeastern Asia (Roig-Juñent & Cicchino 2001).

Characters (from Roig-Juñent & Cicchino 2001, as Zolini): Maxillary palpomere 3 plurisetose; elytron with apical plica, recurrent stria joined with apical portion of stria 5; tarsomeres dorsally sulcate.

<==Merizodinae [Merizodini, Oopterini, Zolini] R-JC01
|–Sinozolina R-JC01
|–Chaltenia Roig-Juñent & Cicchino 2001 [Chalteniina] R-JC01
|    `–*C. patagonica Roig-Juñent & Cicchino 2001 R-JC01
`–+–Oopterus Guérin-Ménéville 1841 [incl. Zolus Sharp 1886; Oopterina, Zolina] R-JC01
|    `–‘Zolus’ helmsi H15
`–Merizodus [Merizodina] R-JC01
|–M. angustiocollis R-JC01
`–M. soledadinus R-JC01

Merizodinae incertae sedis:
Idacarabus Lea 1910 LB91, LM87
|–I. cordicollis Moore 1967 LM87
|–I. longicollis Moore 1978 LM87
`–I. troglodytes Lea 1910 LM87
Pterocyrtus Sloane 1920 B02, LM87
|–*P. globosus Sloane 1920 LM87
|–P. rubescens Sloane 1920 LM87
|–P. striatulus Sloane 1920 LM87
|–P. tasmanicus (Castelnau 1867) [=Drimostoma tasmanica] LM87
`–P. truncaticollis Sloane 1923 LM87
Sloaneana Csiki 1933 B02, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
|–S. lamingtonensis Baehr 2002 B02
|–S. similis Baehr 2002 B02
`–S. tasmaniae (Sloane 1915) [=Brachydema tasmaniae; incl. B. victoriae Sloane 1915] LM87

Sloaneana Csiki 1933 B02, LM87 [=Brachydema Sloane 1915 non Fairmaire 1881 LM87, Sloanella Csiki 1928 non Jeannel 1927 LM87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B02] Baehr, M. 2002. Two new species of Sloaneana Csiki from southern Queensland (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Merizodinae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 48: 9–15.

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[R-JC01] Roig-Juñent, S., & A. C. Cicchino. 2001. Chaltenia patagonica, new genus and species belonging to Chalteniina, a new subtribe of Zolini (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Canadian Entomologist 133: 651–670.

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