Laemosaccus texanus, copyright Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Curculionidae.

The Mesoptillinae are weevils whose larvae bore in wood or in stems of herbaceous plants (Anderson 2002).

Characters (from Anderson 2002): Mouthparts with labial palpi of three distinct articles, elongate, not telescoping, dorsally situated at apex of prementum; pronotum only slightly narrower than base of elytra; elytra with basal margin from intervals 2–4 extended anteriorly, overlapping base of pronotum; large hook-like apical tooth on hind tibia, larger than tarsal claw.

<==Mesoptillinae [Magdalidinae, Magdalinides]
    |  i. s.: Saccolaemus narinus (Pascoe 1872)LB91, H82
    |    |--Trichomagdalis Fall 1913A02
    |    `--Magdalis Germar 1817 (see below for synonymy)A02
    |         |--M. barbicornis (Latreille 1804)A02 [=Curculio barbicornisL02, Rhina barbicornisL02]
    |         |--‘Rhina’ barbirostris [=Calandra (Rhina) barbirostris]G20
    |         |--M. caeruleipennisDL90
    |         |--‘Curculio’ cerasi Linnaeus 1758L58 [=Rhina cerasiL02]
    |         |--M. heydeniDL90
    |         |--M. leconteiA02
    |         |--M. melanocephalaMas86
    |         |--M. memnoniaC01
    |         |--‘Rhinodes’ pruniR26
    |         `--M. ruficornisLB20
    `--Laemosaccus Schoenherr 1823 [Laemosaccides, Laemosaccini]A02
         |--L. argenteus Lea 1896L96
         |--L. ater Lea 1896L96
         |--L. australis Boisduval 1835Mas86
         |--L. brevipennis Pascoe 1870Mas86
         |--L. carinicollis Lea 1896 [incl. L. carinicollis var. occidentalis Lea 1896]L96
         |--L. catenatus Pascoe 1871Mas86
         |--L. compactus Lea 1896L96
         |--L. cossonoides Lea 1896L96
         |--L. crucicollis Lea 1896L96
         |--L. cryptonyx Pascoe 1872Mas86
         |--L. dapsilis Pascoe 1872Mas86
         |--L. dubius Lea 1896L96
         |--L. ebenusML05
         |--L. electilis Pascoe 1871Mas86
         |--L. festivus Lea 1896L96
         |--L. fulvirostris Pascoe 1873Mas86
         |--L. funereus Pascoe 1873Mas86
         |--L. gibbosus Pasoce 1873Mas86 [incl. L. magdaloides Pascoe 1873L96, Mas86]
         |--L. instabilis Lea 1896L96
         |--L. longiceps Pascoe 1873Mas86
         |--L. longimanus Pascoe 1872Mas86
         |--L. nephele (Herbst 1797)A02
         |--L. notatus Pascoe 1871Mas86
         |--L. obscurus Lea 1896L96
         |--L. ocularis Pascoe 1873Mas86
         |--L. pascoei Lea 1896L96
         |--L. peccuarius Pascoe 1871Mas86
         |--L. petulans Pascoe 1885Mac86
         |--L. querulus Pascoe 1878Mas86
         |--L. rufipennis Lea 1896L96
         |--L. rufipes Lea 1896L96
         |--L. semiustus Pascoe 1873Mas86
         |--L. synopticus Pascoe 1870Mas86
         |--L. tantulus Pascoe 1870Mas86
         |--L. tarsalis Pascoe 1873Mas86
         |--L. texanus Champion 1903A02
         |--L. ustulus Pascoe 1871Mas86
         |--L. variabilis Lea 1896L96
         `--L. ventralis Lea 1896L96

Magdalis Germar 1817 [incl. Edo Germar 1819, Laemosaccidius Smreczynski 1972, Magdalinus Germar 1843, Neopanus Reitter 1916, Odontomagdalis Barrios 1984, Panopsis Daniel 1903, Panus Schoenherr 1823 non Fr. 1838 (ICBN), Porrhothus Agassiz 1846, Porrothus Dejean 1821, Rhina Latreille 1802 non Schneider 1801, Rhinodes Dejean 1821, Scardamyctes Gistel 1848, Thamnophilus Schoenherr 1823 non Vieillot 1816]A02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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