Metalibitia, possibly M. paraguayensis, copyright Ted C. MacRae.

Belongs within: Cosmetidae.

Metalibitia is a genus of cosmetid harvestmen found in southern South America.

Characters (from Ringuelet 1959): Tarsi III and IV with smooth claws; tarsi I 5-segmented. Distitarsi I and II 3-segmented. Tarsal formula 5/6-n-5-5/6. Areas I, II and III of scutum with one pair of small tubercles or mere granules; area IV with 2 spines. Remainder of dorsum unarmed except form males of some species with tubercle or spine on free tergite III.

<==Metalibitia Roewer 1912 [incl. Labrosa Mello-Leitão 1939, Libitiola Roewer 1925, Paralibitia Roewer 1912]K03
    |--*M. paraguayensis (Sørensen 1884) (see below for synonymy)K03
    |--M. adunca (Roewer 1927) [=Paralibitia adunca]K03
    |--M. arenosa (Mello-Leitão 1939) [=*Labrosa arenosa]K03
    |--M. argentina (Sørensen 1884) [=Cosmetus argentinus, Libitia (Messa) argentina, *Paralibitia argentina]K03
    |--M. borellii (Roewer 1925) [=*Libitiola borellii]K03
    |--M. brasiliensis Soares & Soares 1949K03
    |--M. fuscomaculata Soares 1970K03
    |--M. maculata (Roewer 1914) [=Paralibitia maculata]K03
    |--M. rosacostai Capocasale 1966K03
    |--M. santaremis (Roewer 1947) [=Paralibitia santaremis]K03
    `--M. tibialis (Roewer 1925) [=Libitiola tibialis; incl. M. oranensis Soares 1966]K03

*Metalibitia paraguayensis (Sørensen 1884) [=Cosmetus paraguayensis, Libitia (Messa) paraguayensis; incl. Metalibitia tucumana Soares 1966]K03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K03] Kury, A. B. 2003. Annotated catalogue of the Laniatores of the New World (Arachnida, Opiliones). Revista Ibérica de Aracnología, volumen especial monográfico 1: 1–337.

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