Reconstruction of Araripesuchus wegeneri, by Todd Marshall.

Belongs within: Crocodyliformes.
Contains: Neosuchia.

The Metasuchia were defined by Sereno et al. (2001) as the most exclusive clade containing both recent crocodilians and Notosuchus. This differs somewhat from its original usage by Benton & Clark (1988) for all members of the clade Mesoeucrocodylia excluding Thalattosuchia, which have subsequently been classified as derived metasuchians.

The Notosuchia are a group of often small, terrestrial crocodyliforms known from the Cretaceous of Africa and South America. Many notosuchians were markedly heterodont, with the rear teeth become multicusped and/or molariform (O’Connor et al. 2010). The Peirosauridae have been recognised as a group of moderately high-snouted crocodyliforms from the same time and area; it is possible that this group is paraphyletic to the later neosuchians (O’Connor et al. 2010).

<==Metasuchia (see below for synonymy)
    |  i. s.: Brasileosaurus pachecoi Huene 1931CRA04
    |         ElosuchidaeLB02
    |           |--Stolokrosuchus Larsson & Gado 2000LB02
    |           |    `--S. lapparenti Larsson & Gado 2000LB02
    |           `--Elosuchus de Lapparent de Broin 2002LB02
    |                |--*E. cherifiensis (Lavocat 1955) (see below for synonymy)LB02
    |                `--E. felixi de Lapparent de Broin 2002LB02
    |  |    |--Trematochampsa taqueti Buffetaut 1974BB00, LB02
    |  |    |--Eremosuchus elkoholicusRRO00
    |  |    |--Hamadasuchus rebouliRRO00
    |  |    `--Amargasuchus minor Chiappe 1988B93
    |  `--Peirosauridae [Lomasuchinae]CRA04
    |       |--+--Peirosaurus tormini Price 1955OS10, CRA04
    |       |  `--Lomasuchus Gasparini, Chiappe & Fernandez 1991OS10, CRA04
    |       |       `--L. palpebrosus Gasparini, Chiappe & Fernandez 1991CRA04
    |       `--+--+--Anatosuchus minorOS10
    |          |  `--NeosuchiaOS10
    |          `--MahajangasuchiniCRA04
    |               |--Mahajangasuchus insignisOS10
    |               `--Uberabasuchus Carvalho, Ribeiro & Avilla 2004CRA04
    |                    `--*U. terrificus Carvalho, Ribeiro & Avilla 2004CRA04
    `--+--Araripesuchus Price 1959OS10, SF03
       |    |--A. wegeneriOS10
       |    `--+--A. buitreraensisOS10
       |       `--+--A. gomesii Price 1959OS10, CRA04
       |          `--A. patagonicus Ortega et al. 2001GPS06, LB02
       `--Notosuchia [Notosuchidae]OS10
            |--Uruguaysuchus [Uruguaysuchidae]OS10
            |    `--U. aznaresi Rusconi 1933B93
            `--Ziphosuchia [Baurusuchoidea, Sebecosuchia]CRA04
                 |  i. s.: Bergisuchus Kuhn 1968 [Bergisuchidae]RRO00
                 |           `--*B. dietrichbergi Kuhn 1968RRO00
                 |         Ilchunaia parca Rusconi 1946RRO00
                 |         Ayllusuchus fernandezi Gasparini 1984RRO00
                 |    |--Simosuchus Buckley, Brochu et al. 2000OS10, BB00
                 |    |    `--*S. clarki Buckley, Brochu et al. 2000BB00
                 |    `--+--Notosuchus Woodward 1896OS10, SF03
                 |       |    `--N. terrestris Woodward 1896B93
                 |       `--+--+--Chimaeresuchus Wu & Suess 1995OS10, D07
                 |          |  |    `--C. paradoxusGPS06
                 |          |  `--Sphagesaurus Price 1950OS10, D07
                 |          |       `--S. huenei Price 1950CRA04
                 |          `--+--Comahuesuchus [Comahuesuchidae]OS10
                 |             |    `--C. brachybuccalis Bonaparte 1991B93
                 |             `--+--+--Iberosuchus macrodonGPS06
                 |                |  `--Bretesuchus [Bretesuchidae]GPS06
                 |                |       `--B. bonapartei Gasparini et al. 1993RRO00
                 |                `--BaurusuchidaeCRA04
                 |                     |--Stratiosuchus maxhechti (Campos et al. 2001)CRA04
                 |                     |--Cynodontosuchus rothi Woodward 1896B93
                 |                     `--Baurusuchus Prince 1945OS10, D07
                 |                          `--B. pachecoi Price 1945CRA04
                    |    |--Libycosuchus Stromer 1914OS10, SF03 [Libycosuchidae]
                    |    |    `--L. brevirostrisGPS06
                    |    `--SebecusLB02
                    |         |--S. huilensisRRO00
                    |         |--S. icaeorhinusRRO00
                    |         `--S. querejazus Buffetaut & Marshall 1991LB02
                         |--+--Mariliasuchus amarali Carvalho & Bertini 1999OS10, CRA04
                         |  `--+--Adamantinasuchus navaeOS10
                         |     `--Pakasuchus O’Connor, Sertich et al. 2010OS10
                         |          `--*P. kapilimai O’Connor, Sertich et al. 2010OS10
                         `--+--Candidodon itapecuruenseOS10
                                 |--Malawisuchus mwakasyungutiensisOS10
                                      |--I. camposiSF03 [=Cairisuchus camposiRRO00]
                                      `--I. jesuinoi Price 1955CRA04

Elosuchus cherifiensis (Lavocat 1955) [=Thoracosaurus cherifiensis, Thoracosuchus (l. c.) cherifiensis, Eleiosuchus africanus ms]LB02

Metasuchia [Gondwanasuchia, Metamesosuchia, Notosuchiformes, Notosuchimorpha, Peirosauriformes, Peirosaurimorpha, Peirosauroidea, Terriasuchia]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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