Metriorrhynchus rhipidius, copyright Fir0002/Flagstaffotos.

Belongs within: Lycinae.

Metriorrhynchus is a genus of lycid beetles in which the prothorax, which covers the head, bears distinct areolets, and which have elytra with the subsutural costa parallel with the suture. A genus Porrostoma has historically been recognised for species in which the rostrum is rather long, thin and shining, but no clear division can be made between these and more typical species (Lea 1909).

The Queensland species M. apterus stands out for its lack of wings (Lea 1909).

Metriorrhynchus Guér. 1838 [incl. Porrostoma, Stadenus, Synchonnus]L09
|--M. abdominalis (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma abdominale]L09
|--M. ampliatus (Macl. 1887) [=Xylobanus ampliatus]L09
|--‘Stadenus’ antennalis Bourgeois 1889B89b
|--M. apicalis (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma apicale]L09
|--M. apterus Lea 1909L09
|--M. atratusL09 [=Lycus atratusL09, Charactus atratusB35]
|--M. atricornis Lea 1909L09
|--‘Stadenus’ aubertiB89b
|--M. basiflavus Lea 1909L09
|--M. batesi Lea 1909L09
|--M. brevirostris (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma brevirostre]L09
|--M. brisbanensis Lea 1909L09
|--M. cancellatus Lea 1909L09
|--M. centralis Macl. 1887L09
|--M. cinctus (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma cinctum]L09
|--M. cliens Blackb. 1900L09
|--M. clientulus (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma clientulus, Synchonnus clientulus]L09
|--M. coenosus Lea 1898L09
|--M. constricticollis Lea 1909L09
|--M. costicollis Lea 1909L09
|--M. dichrous (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma dichroum, Stadenus dichrous]L09
|--M. dilutusB89a
|--M. diminutivus Lea 1909L09
|--M. disconiger Lea 1909L09
|--M. doleschalliMac86
|--M. elongatus Macl. 1887L09
|--M. ephippigerMac86
|--M. eremitus Blackb. 1900L09
|--M. erythropterus Erichs. 1842Mas86
|--M. fallax (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma fallax]L09
|--M. femoralis Macleay 1872Mas86
|--M. foliatus Macl. 1887L09
|--M. fumosus (Macl. 1887) [=Xylobanus fumosus]L09
|--M. fuscolineatusL09 [incl. M. laetus Blackb. 1891L09, Porrostoma lineatum Wat. 1877 (preoc.)L09, M. lineatusMas86]
|--M. gracilis Lea 1909L09
|--M. heterodoxus Lea 1909L09
|--M. hirtipes Macl. 1887L09
|--M. immersusMac86
|--M. infuscatus Macleay 1886Mac86
|--M. inquinulus (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma inquinulus, Stadenus inquinulus]L09
|--M. insignipennis Blackb. 1900L09
|--M. irregularis (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma irregulare]L09
|--M. lateralisL09 [incl. M. marginicollis Macleay 1872L09, Mas86]
|--M. limbatus (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma limbatum, Achras limbatus]L09
|--M. longicornis (Macl. 1887) [=Xylobanus longicornis]L09
|--M. luteobrunneus Bourgeois 1889B89a
|--M. marginipennis Lea 1898L09
|--M. melaspis (Bourgeois 1889) [=Porrostoma melaspis]L09
|--M. mentitor Blackb. 1900L09
|--M. meyricki Blackb. 1886L09
|--M. militaris Lea 1909L09
|--M. miniaticollis (Macl. 1887) [=Xylobanus miniaticollis]L09
|--M. miniatus (Macl. 1887) [=Cladophorus miniatus]L09
|--M. moerens Lea 1909L09
|--M. monticola Blackb. 1891L09
|--M. nigripes Macleay 1872Mas86 [incl. Porrostoma elegans Waterh. 1877L09, M. elegansMas86]
|--M. nigrovittatus Lea 1909L09
|--M. obscuripennis Lea 1909L09
|--M. occidentalis Blackb. 1891L09
|--M. opacus Lea 1909L09
|--M. ordinarius Lea 1909L09
|--M. paradoxa Blackb. 1900L09
|--M. parallelusMac86
|--M. posticalis (Macl. 1887) [=Cladophorus posticalis]L09
|--M. ramosus Lea 1909L09
|--M. rhipidioidesB74
|--M. rhipidius (Macleay 1827) (see below for synonymy)L09
|--M. rufipennisL09 (see below for synonymy)
|--M. rufirostris Lea 1909L09
|--M. russatus (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma russatum; incl. M. serraticornis Macl. 1887]L09
|--M. scalaris (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma scalare]L09
|--M. serricornis Macleay 1886Mac86
|--M. simplicicornis Lea 1909L09
|--M. simsoni Lea 1909L09
|--M. tenuis Macleay 1886Mac86
|--M. testaceicollis (Macl. 1887) [=Cladophorus testaceicollis]L09
|--M. textilis (Waterhouse 1877) [=Porrostoma textile]L09
|--M. thoracicusMac86
|--M. tibialis Lea 1909L09
|--M. togatus (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma togatum]L09
|--M. triareolatus Lea 1909L09
|--M. uniformis (Waterh. 1877) [=Porrostoma uniforme]L09
|--M. uniseriatus Lea 1909L09
|--M. variipennis Lea 1909L09
`--M. vittatus Blackb. 1886L09

Metriorrhynchus rhipidius (Macleay 1827) [=Lycus rhipidius; incl. Porrostoma erythropterum Er. 1842, Metriorrhynchus flagellatus Blackb. 1900, M. gigas Blackb. 1891, Lycus septemcavus Macleay 1827]L09

Metriorrhynchus rufipennisL09 [=Lycus rufipennisL09, Porrostoma rufipenneL09; incl. L. goryi Le Guillou 1844L09, Calopteron goryiL09, Porrostoma rufipennis var. haemorrhoidalis Wat. 1877L09, Metriorrhynchus haemorrhoidalisMas86, M. rufipennis var. lugubris Waterh. 1877L09, Porrostoma lugubreMas86, M. rufipennis var. marginatus Erichs. 1842L09, M. rufipennis var. miles Blackb. 1900L09, M. nigrirostrisL09, Porrostoma rufipenne var. plagiatus Waterh. 1877L09, M. plagiatusMas86, P. salebrosus Waterh. 1877L09, M. salebrosusMas86]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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