Symphyogyna hymenophyllum, from Blue Tier.

Belongs within: Marchantiophyta.
Contains: Metzgeriineae.

The Metzgeriales is a clade of mostly simple thalloid liverworts, though some display varying degrees of ‘leafiness’. They are characterised by the production of archegonia behind the growing point (Smith 1991). Members of the Metzgeriales are found in damp habitats.

Characters (from Smith 1991): Plants dorsiventral, thalloid, with or without well-developed midrib, wings of thallus entire, scalloped or incised into leaf-like lobes (which do not develop from two meristematic cells). Thallus with apical cell with two (rarely three) cutting faces; air chambers absent; median conducting strand present or not; cells usually more than 35 μm wide, thin-walled, without trigones, oil bodies few and large or numerous and small. Rhizoids continuous along ventral surface of midrib. Underleaves absent. Archegonia produced behind growing point, growth of which is continuous (monopodial or anacrogynous), on dorsal surface or on short lateral or ventral branches. Developing sporophyte protected by flap-like or cylindrical pseudoperianth or by scales (such structures never being leafy in origin) or by a fleshy calyptra. Capsule spherical, wall 2–6-stratose, usually dehiscing by four valves; elaterophore present at base or apex of capsule. Spores usually more than 30 μm diameter.

    |  i. s.: Calycularia [Allisoniaceae]G06
    |           `--C. crispulaG06
    |         Pallaviciniites devonicus (Hueber) Schuster 1966E93
    |         Blasites lobatus (Walton) Schuster 1966E93
    |         Treubiites kidstonii (Walton) Schuster 1966E93
    |         Metzgeriothallus metzgerioides (Walton) Schuster 1966E93
    |--Pellia [Pelliaceae, Pelliineae]SF01
    |    |--P. endiviifolia (Dicks.) Dumort. 1835 [=Jungermannia endiviifolia Dicks. 1801]SS07
    |    |--P. epiphyllaSF01
    |    `--P. neesianaG06
    |--Hymenophyton [Hymenophytaceae, Hymenophytineae]SF01
    |    |--H. flabellatumSF01
    |    |--H. leptodonM49
    |    |--H. leptopodumSF01
    |    `--H. phyllanthusM49
         |--+--Verdoornia succulentaSF01
         |  `--MetzgeriineaeSF01
         `--Pallaviciniaceae [Dilaenaceae]FHH01
              |    |--P. connivensSF01
              |    |--P. himalayensisG06
              |    |--P. indicaFHH01
              |    |--P. innovansFHH01
              |    `--P. lyelliiFHH01
                   |--S. brogniartiiJ87
                   |--S. circinataD03
                   |--S. crassicostaM49
                   |--S. crassifronsE03
                   |--S. hochstetteriD03
                   |--S. hymenophyllumSF01
                   |--S. podophyllaSF01
                   `--S. subsimplexFHH01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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