Micrelenchus sanguineus, copyright Natural History Museum Rotterdam.

Belongs within: Trochidae.

Micrelenchus is an Australasian genus of small top shells with a relatively low spire and the columellar fold evanescent or not apparent (Knight et al. 1960).

Micrelenchus Finlay 1926 DK08
    |  i. s.: M. dilatatus (Sowerby 1870) P61 (see below for synonymy)
    |         M. huttoni (Smith 1876) P61 [=Cantharidus tenebrosus huttoni F27, M. tenebrosus huttoni F27]
    |         M. micans (Suter 1897) P61 [=Gibbula micans F27, Cantharidus micans F27]
    |         M. parcipictus Powell 1946 P61
    |         M. rufozonus (Adams 1853) P61 [=Cantharidus rufozonus F27]
    |         M. tenebrosus (Adams 1853) P61 [=Cantharidus tenebrosus F27]
    |–M. (Micrelenchus) P61
    |    |–*M. (M.) sanguineus (Gray 1843) P61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |–M. s. sanguineus P61
    |    |    `–M. s. cryptus Powell 1946 P61
    |    `–M. (M.) caelatus (Hutton 1884) P61 [=Cantharidus coelatus F27, M. sanguineus coelatus F27]
    |         |–M. c. caelatus P61
    |         |–M. c. archibenthicola Dell 1956 P61
    |         |–M. c. bakeri Fleming 1948 P61
    |         |–M. c. elongatus (Suter 1897) P61 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |–M. c. morioria Powell 1933 P61
    |         `–M. c. mortenseni (Odhner 1924) P61 [=Gibbula mortenseni F27, M. sanguineus mortenseni F27]
    `–M. (Plumbelenchus Finlay 1926) DK08
         |–‘Cantharidus’ (*P.) capillaceus (Philippi 1848) P61 (see below for synonymy)
         |–M. (P.) armulatus Darragh & Kendrick 2000 DK08
         |–‘Cantharidus’ (P.) coruscans (Hedley 1916) P61 [=Photinula coruscans F27, Margarella coruscans F27]
         `–‘Cantharidus’ (P.) pruninus (Gould 1844) [=Trochus pruninus] KC60

Micrelenchus dilatatus (Sowerby 1870) P61 [=Cantharidus dilatatus F27; incl. Photinula suteri Smith 1894 F27, Gibbula suteri F27]

Micrelenchus (Micrelenchus) caelatus elongatus (Suter 1897) P61 [=Cantharidus sanguineus var. elongatus F27, M. sanguineus elongatus F27]

*Micrelenchus (Micrelenchus) sanguineus (Gray 1843) P61 [=Trochus sanguineus P61, Cantharidus (M.) sanguineus KC60; incl. C. oliveri Iredale 1915 F27, Micrelenchus oliveri P61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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