Rayforstia vulgaris, from Rix & Harvey (2010).

Belongs within: Anapidae.

The Micropholcommatidae are a group of minute spiders with a strongly raised carapace found in South America and Australasia (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007). Their habits are poorly known but they are found in forests in association with mosses and leaf litter.

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Very small; three tarsal claws; ecribellate; entelegyne; six or eight eyes; cheliceral gland mound elevated; anterior booklungs reduced to either a few leaves or true tracheae.

|--Taphiassa Simon 1880PVD10 [incl. Parapua Forster 1959PVD10, JD-S07; TaphiassinaePVD10]
| `--T. punctata (Forster 1959) [=Parapua punctata]PVD10
|--Textricellinae [Textricellidae]PD07
| |--Tricella Forster & Platnick 1989 non Long 1912 (ICBN)JD-S07
| |--Cenotextricella Penney, Dierick et al. 2007PD07
| | `--*C. simoni Penney, Dierick et al. 2007PD07
| `--Textricella Hickman 1945JD-S07
| |--T. complexaPD07
| |--T. fulvaS03
| |--T. luteolaR14
| |--T. parvaS03
| |--T. plebeiaF64
| |--T. salmoniFF99
| |--T. vulgaris Forster 1959S03
| `--T. wisei Forster 1964 [=T. campbellensis Forster 1964 (n. n.)]F64
| i. s.: Tricellina Forster & Platnick 1989S03
| Olgania Hickman 1979JD-S07
| Pua Forster 1959PVD10
| `--*P. novaezealandiae Forster 1959PVD10
| Teutoniella Brignoli 1981PVD10
| `--T. cekaloviciJD-S07
| Algidiella Rix & Harvey 2010PVD10
| `--*A. aucklandica (Forster 1955) [=Textricella aucklandica]PVD10
| Tinytrella Rix & Harvey 2010PVD10
| `--*T. pusilla (Forster 1959) [=Textricella pusilla]PVD10
| Eterosonycha Butler 1932JD-S07
| Rayforstia Rix & Harvey 2010PVD10
| |--*R. vulgaris (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. antipoda (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. insula (forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. mcfarlanei (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. plebeia (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. propinqua (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. salmoni (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. scuta (Forster 1959)PVD10
| |--R. signata (Forster 1959)PVD10
| `--R. wisei (Forster 1964)PVD10
|--Micropholcomma Crosby & Bishop 1927WC17, R08 [incl. Microlinypheus Butler 1932R08, Plectochetos Butler 1932R08]
| |--*M. caeligenum Crosby & Bishop 1927R08
| |--M. bryophilum (Butler 1932) [=*Microlinypheus bryophilus]R08
| |--M. linnaei Rix 2008R08
| |--M. longissimum (Butler 1932) [=*Plectochetos longissimus]R08
| |--M. mirum Hickman 1944R08
| |--M. parmatum Hickman 1944R08
| `--M. turbans Hickman 1981R08
`--+--Taliniella Rix & Harvey 2010WC17, PVD10
| |--*T. nigra (Forster 1959) [=Textricella nigra]PVD10
| `--T. vinki Rix & Harvey 2010PVD10
|--R. luteolaWC17
`--R. peckorumWC17

*Type species of generic name indicated


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