Miliola striolata, from Haeckel (1899–1904).

Belongs within: Miliolina.

The Miliolinae are a group of miliolid Foraminifera known from the Upper Cretaceous to the present, with a simple wall and cribrate aperture (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Miliolidae (see below for synonymy)
|--Neaguites Andersen 1984HW93
|--Praemurgella Luperto Sinni, Martín-Chivelet & Giménez 2000LSM-CG00
| `--*P. valenciana Luperto Sinni, Martín-Chivelet & Giménez 2000LSM-CG00
|--Murgella Luperto Sinni 1965LSM-CG00
| `--M. lata Luperto Sinni 1965LSM-CG00
|--Dogielina Bogdanovich & Voloshinova 1949LT64
| `--*D. sarmatica Bogdanovich & Voloshinova 1949LT64
|--Nevillina Sidebottom 1905LT64
| `--*N. coronata (Millett 1898) [=Biloculina coronata]LT64
|--Scandonea De Castro 1971LSM-CG00
| |--S. mediterraneaLSM-CG00
| `--S. samniticaLSM-CG00
`--Miliola Lamarck 1804 (see below for synonymy)LT64
|--*M. saxorum (Lamarck 1804) (see below for synonymy)LT64
|--‘Miliolites’ centralis Say in James 1823J23
|--M. oblonga [=Serpula oblonga]J64
|--M. parkeriH04
|--M. reticulataH04
`--M. striolataH04

Miliola Lamarck 1804 [=Miliolites Lamarck 1804, Miliolithes Cuvier 1817, Pentellina Munier-Chalmas 1882, Saxicolina Sherborn 1896]LT64

*Miliola saxorum (Lamarck 1804) [=*Miliolites saxorum, *Miliolithes saxorum, *Pentellina saxorum, *Saxicolina saxorum]LT64

Miliolidae [Armiliolidia, Fabularina, Milioletta, Miliolidina, Miliolinae, Miliolinidae, Miliolininae, Miliolitidae, Multiloculidae, Plicatilia, Trematoforininae, Tubularina]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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