False ashoka ‘Polyalthia’ longifolia, copyright Dinesh Valke.

Belongs within: Malmeoideae.
Contains: Pseuduvaria, Polyalthia.

The Miliuseae are a clade of trees bearing cryptoaperturate/disulculate pollen (Chatrou et al. 2012).

Characters (from Chatrou et al. 2012): Trees; indument of simple hairs, rarely T-shaped hairs; bracts present; inflorescences rhipidiate, terminal or axillary, flowers rarely solitary; flowers bisexual or (andro)dioecious, rarely monoecious; carpels free in flower and fruit; placentation basal or lateral; monocarp abscission at base of stipe; aril absent; ruminations spiniform, irregular pegs or lamelliform; endosperm soft or glass-like; pollen cryptoaperturate/disulculate.

Miliuseae [Mitrephoreae, Saccopetaleae]
| i. s.: HeteropetalumMK03
| Phoenicanthus Alston in Trimen 1931MK03
| `--‘Orophea’ obliqua [=Bocagea obliqua]MK03
| OncodostigmaCP12
| |--*O. leptoneuraCP12
| `--O. microflorumCP12
|--Orophea Blume 1825CP12, MK03 [incl. Mezzettiopsis Ridl. 1912MK03]
| | i. s.: O. katchallicaCMT07
| |--+--O. celebicaCP12
| | `--O. enterocarpaCP12
| `--+--O. polycarpaCP12
| |--WoodiellanthaCP12
| `--+--O. creaghiiCP12
| `--O. kerriiCP12
|--Platymitra Boerl. 1899CP12, MK03
| `--P. macrocarpaCP12
| | |--M. littoraleCP12
| | `--M. pallidumCP12
| |--PseuduvariaCP12
| |--Trivalvaria macrophyllaCP12
| `--PolyalthiaCP12
| | `--SapranthusCP12
| | |--S. microcarpusCP12
| | `--S. viridiflorusCP12
| |--‘Desmopsis’ schippiiCP12
| `--+--Desmopsis microcarpaCP12
| |--Stelechocarpus buraholCP12
| `--StenanonaCP12
| |--S. costaricensisCP12
| `--S. panamensisCP12
`--+--‘Stelechocarpus’ cauliflorusCP12
| |--P. odoardiCP12
| `--P. pisocarpaCP12
| |--P. ebracteolatusCP12
| `--P. nutansMK03
| | |--M. albaCP14
| | |--M. polypyrenaCP12
| | `--M. teysmanniiCP12
| |--+--‘Polyalthia’ cerasoidesCP12
| | `--+--‘Polyalthia’ pendulaCP12
| | `--‘Polyalthia’ stuhlmanniiCP12
| `--Miliusa de Candolle 1832CP12, MK03 [incl. HyalostemmaMK03, SaccopetalumMK03]
| |--M. braheiB00
| |--M. horsfieldiiCP12
| |--M. mollisCP12
| |--M. nilagiricaSR07
| |--M. tomentosaP03
| |--M. traceyiB00
| `--M. velutinaMK03
`--+--Fitzalania heteropetalaCP12
| |--M. cylindrocarpaLK14
| |--M. pannosaSR07
| |--M. stenopetalaCP12
| `--M. virgataCP12
| |--N. acuminatissimaCP12
| `--N. paralleliveniaCP12
`--+--Sageraea lanceolataCP12
|--Alphonsea Hooker & Thomson 1855CP12, MK03
| |--A. bonianaCP12
| `--A. ellipticaCP12
`--+--‘Polyalthia’ congestaCP12
|--‘Enicosanthum’ membranifoliumCP12
|--‘Polyalthia’ rumphiiCP12
|--‘Polyalthia’ xanthopetalaCP12
`--+--Enicosanthum paradoxumCP12
|--‘Polyalthia’ glabraCP12
|--‘Polyalthia’ laterifloraCP12
|--‘Polyalthia’ longifoliaSG07
|--‘Polyalthia’ sclerophyllaCP12
`--‘Polyalthia’ viridisCP12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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