Pterygia nucea, copyright Philippe Bourjon.

Belongs within: Mitroidea.
Contains: Proximitra, Imbricariinae, StrigatellaNebularia, Mitra.

The Mitridae, mitres, are a group of predatory gastropods with a usually long and tapered shell, and a long extensible proboscis that is usually not retracted. As far as is known, all species are exclusive predators of sipunculan worms (Fedosov et al. 2015).

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Shell usually long and tapered, often delicately or strongly sculptured (sometimes smooth), with thin periostracum; columella bearing strong plaits; operculum absent. Proboscis long, extensible, may be longer than shell; radula located in end of proboscis.

Mitridae [Mitracea, Mitriadae, Mitriana, Mitrianae]
    |--‘Mitra’ tuberosa Reeve 1845FP15
    `--+--‘Mitra’ bernhardina Röding 1798FP15
       `--+--‘Mitra’ peculiaris Reeve 1845FP15
             `--+--+--‘Mitra’ glabra Swainson 1821FP15
                |  `--+--‘Mitra’ incompta (Lightfoot 1786)FP15
                |     `--Cylindromitrinae [Cylindrinae, Cylindromitridae]BR05
                |          |--Cylindromitra Fischer 1884 [=Cylindra Schumacher 1817 non Illiger 1802]BR05
                |          |    `--*C. coronata (Schumacher 1817) [=*Cylindra coronata]BR17
                |          `--Pterygia Röding 1798FP15, BR05 (see below for synonymy)
                |               |--*P. dactylus (Linnaeus 1767) [=Voluta dactylus; incl. P. nucella Röding 1798]BR17
                |               |--P. barrywilsoni Cate 1968WG71
                |               |--P. conus (Gmelin 1791)W94
                |               |--P. crenulata (Gmelin 1791)W94 (see below for synonymy)
                |               |--P. fenestrata (Lamarck 1811)W94
                |               |--P. nucea (Gmelin 1791)BW09 [=*Acuticylindra nuceaW94]
                |               |--P. scabricula (Linnaeus 1758)W94
                |               |--P. sinensis (Reeve 1844)MG-H11
                |               |--P. solida Reeve 1844WG71
                |               `--P. undulosa (Reeve 1844)WBS-S15
                   `--+--Mitrinae [Mitrariidae, Mitrariinae]W94
                      |    |--NebulariaFP15
                      |    `--MitraFP15
                      |--Ziba Adams & Adams 1853FP15, W94
                      |    |  i. s.: Z. bacillum (Lamarck 1811)W94
                      |    |         Z. cloveri (Cernohorsky 1971) [=Cancilla (Ziba) cloveri]C80
                      |    |         Z. duplilirata Reeve 1845W94
                      |    |         Z. flammea (Quoy & Gaimard 1833)W94
                      |    |         Z. interlirata (Reeve 1844)MG-H11
                      |    |--*Z. carinata (Swainson 1824)FP15 [=Mitra carinataW94]
                      |    `--+--‘Mitra’ christinaeFP15
                      |       `--+--Z. abyssicola (Schepman 1911)FP15, W94
                      |          `--‘Mitra’ rosacea Reeve 1845FP15, W94 (see below for synonymy)
                      `--+--‘Mitra’ sophiae Crosse 1862FP15, W94 [=M. (Nebularia) sophiaeW94]
                         `--Domiporta Cernohorsky 1970FP15, W94
                              |  i. s.: D. carnicolor (Reeve 1844) [=Cancilla (Domiporta) carnicolor]W94
                              |         D. citharoidea (Dohrn 1862) [=Cancilla (Domiporta) citharoidea]W94
                              |         D. gloriola (Cernohorsky 1970)WBS-S15
                              |         D. rufilirata (Adams & Reeve 1850) [=Cancilla (Domiporta) rufilirata]W94
                              |         D. strangei (Angas 1867) (see below for synonymy)W94
                              |--D. granatina (Lamarck 1811)FP15, W94 [=Cancilla (Domiporta) granatinaW94]
                              `--+--*D. filiaris (Linnaeus 1771)FP15, WG71 (see below for synonymy)
                                 `--D. praestantissima (Röding 1798)FP15, W94 [=Cancilla (Domiporta) praestantissimaW94]
Mitridae incertae sedis:
  ‘Turris’ kaffraria Griesbach 1871P66
  Puruiana Martin 1931P66
    `--*P. rustica Martin 1931P66
  Egestas Finlay 1927P61
    |--*E. waitei (Suter 1909) [=Vexillum waitei]P61
    |--E. dissimilis Powell 1937P61
    `--E. fenestratum (Suter 1917) [=Vexillum fenestratum]F27a
  Eumitra Tate 1889WG71
    |--E. australis Swainson 1822WG71
    |--E. badia Reeve 1845 [incl. E. rhodia Reeve 1845]WG71
    |--E. chalybeia Reeve 1844WG71
    |--E. cookii Sowerby 1874WG71
    |--E. glabra Swainson 1821WG71
    `--E. nigra Gmelin 1791 [incl. E. contermina Iredale 1936, E. melaniana Lamarck 1811]WG71
  Diplomitra Finlay 1927F27a
    |--*D. nitens (Marshall 1918) [=Cymbiola nitens]F27a
    |--D. alokiza (Tenison-Woods 1880) [=Mitra alokiza]F27a
    |--D. calcar (Marshall 1918) [=Cymbiola calcar]F27a
    |--D. dictua (Tenison-Woods 1880) [=Mitra dictua]F27a
    |--D. masefieldi (Marshall 1918) [=Cymbiola masefieldi]F27a
    |--D. monoploca (Finlay 1927)F27a (see below for synonymy)
    `--D. waitemataensis Powell & Bartrum 1929PB29
  ‘Voluta’ ziervoyelii Gmelin 1791 [incl. Cancellaria ziervogeliana Lamarck 1822]PH90
  Isara Adams & Adams 1853 [Isarinae]BR17
    `--*I. bulimoides (Reeve 1845) [=Mitra bulimoides]BR17
  Pleioptygma Conrad 1863Q89 [Pleioptygmatidae, PleioptygmatinaeBR17]
    |--*P. carolinense (Conrad 1840) [=Voluta carolinensis, Mitra carolinensis]Q89
    |--P. helenae (Radwin & Bibbey 1972)Q89
    |--P. lineolatum (Heilprin 1887)Q89
    |    |--P. l. lineolatumQ89
    |    `--P. l. saginatum (Tucker & Wilson 1933)Q89
    `--P. prodroma (Gardner 1937)Q89
Nomen nudum: Waimatea opima Allan 1927A27

Diplomitra monoploca (Finlay 1927)F27a [=Mitra monoplocaF27a, M. uniplica Tate 1889 non M. ebenus var. uniplicatus Wood 1872F27b]

*Domiporta filiaris (Linnaeus 1771)FP15, WG71 [=Voluta filiarisW94, Cancilla (*Domiporta) filiarisW94]

Domiporta strangei (Angas 1867) [=Cancilla (Domiporta) strangei; incl. C. nodostaminea Hedley 1912]W94

‘Mitra’ rosacea Reeve 1845FP15, W94 [=M. (Nebularia) rosaceaW94; incl. M. incarnata Reeve 1845W94]

Pterygia Röding 1798FP15, BR05 [incl. Acuticylindra Iredale 1929W94, Cylinder Melvill & Standen 1895 non Montfort 1810W94, Cylindrina Risbec 1955 non Pat. 1886 (ICBN)W94; Pterygiinae]

Pterygia crenulata (Gmelin 1791)W94 [=Voluta crenulataH09, *Cylinder crenulataW94, Cylindra crenulataH09, *Cylindrina crenulataW94]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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