Drasterius bimaculatus, photographed by Siga.

Belongs within: Agrypninae.
Contains: Conoderus.

The Monocrepidiini are a diverse tribe of click beetles, diagnosed by their sharply carinate frons, usually lobed or broadened fourth tarsal segments, and eleven-segmented antennae (Stibick 1979). Representatives include the cosmopolitan genus Drasterius, distinguished by unicarinate pronotal hind angles and simple fourth tarsomeres (Calder 1996). Lacon is also cosmopolitan and has a vestiture of scales, a deeply sulcate medial margin on the hypomeron, and part of the mesocoxal cavity border formed by the mesepimeron (Johnson 2002). Members of the genera Heteroderes and Aeoloderma are distinctive in the presence of punctures of two different sizes on the pronotal disc (Calder 1996).

Characters (from Stibick 1979, as Conoderini): Frons more or less inflexed or flat, curved downwards, mouthparts inferior, frontal carina well developed above and between antennae, more or less straight and well separate from labrum; antennae and tarsi not received in deep grooves; prosternal sutures closed, prosternal lobe normally arcuate; meso- and metasternum with distinct suture; scutellum shield-shaped, never cordate; tarsi with 4th segment broadened or lobed beneath; claws simple, setae present at base.

<==Monocrepidiini [Oophorini]KB11
    |--Drasterius Eschscholtz 1829KB11, PS07
    |    |--*D. bimaculatus (Rossi 1790)PS07 [=Elater bimaculatusC96]
    |    |--D. australis Candèze 1900C96
    |    |--D. brahminus Candèze 1859 [=Prodrasterius brahminus]PS07
    |    |--D. cambodiensis Fleutiaux 1889F89
    |    |--D. collarisF89
    |    |--D. figuratus [=Cryptohypnus figuratus]G89
    |    |--D. insularisF89
    |    |--D. opacus Candèze 1900C96
    |    `--D. spissus Candèze 1900C96
       `--Lacon Laporte 1838KB11, J02 (see below for synonymy)
            |  i. s.: L. bipapulatusB66
            |         L. caliginosusM86
            |         L. hispidulusF89
            |         L. mastersi Macleay 1872M86
            |         L. modestus Boisduval 1835C96 (see below for synonymy)
            |         L. nebulosusF89
            |--L. (Lacon) punctatus (Herst 1779) [incl. Elater atomarius Fabricius 1789, *L. atomarius]C96
            `--L. (Alaotypus)PS07
                 |--L. (A.) churakagi (Ohira 1971) [=Alaotypus churakagi]PS07
                 |--L. (A.) kikuchii (Miwa 1929) [=Adelocera kikuchii]PS07
                 |--L. (A.) kintaroui Kishii 1990PS07
                 `--L. (A.) kushihige Kishii 1990PS07
Monocrepidiini incertae sedis:
  Aeoloderma Fleutiaux 1928C96
    |--*A. crucifer [=Elater crucifer]C96
    |--A. brachmana (Candèze 1859)PS07 [=Aeolus brachmanaPS07, Heteroderes brachmanaF89]
    `--A. queenslandica (Blackburn 1892) [=Aeolus queenslandicus]C96
  Heteroderes Latreille 1834C96
    |--*H. fuscus Latreille 1834C96
    |--H. albicansF89
    |--H. albidus (Macleay 1872) [=Monocrepidius albidus]C96
    |--H. amplicollis Gyll. 1817FS90
    |--H. carinatus Blackburn 1889 [=Conoderus blackburni Van Zwaluwenburg 1959]C96
    |--H. changi Ohira 1967PS07
    |--H. flavicans (Candèze 1878) [=Monocrepidius flavicans; incl. H. cairnsensis Blackburn 1893]C96
    |--H. grisescens [=Cryptohypnus grisescens]G89
    |--H. ornatus Cand. 1888F89
    |--H. triangularisF89
    `--H. waltliiG89
  Pseudaeolus Candèze 1891C96
    |--*P. australis (Candèze 1859) [=Aeolus australis]C96
    |--P. bimaculatus Carter 1939C96
    |--P. suillus (Candèze 1878) [=Aeolus suillus]C96
    |--P. vagefasciatus Carter 1939C96
    |--P. versicolor (Candèze 1882) [=Aeolus versicolor]C96
    |--P. waggae (Candèze 1882) [=Aeolus waggae]C96
    `--P. zigzag Carter 1939C96
  Aeolus Eschscholtz 1829 [incl. Oophorus Eschscholtz 1833]J02
    |--*A. scriptus [=Elater scriptus]C96
    |--‘Oophorus’ algirinus Lucas 1847E12
    |--A. biellipticus du Buysson 1890B90
    `--A. effususB90
  Deronocus Johnson 1997 [incl. Deroconus Johnson 1995]J02
    `--D. sleeperiJ02
  Macromalocera Hope 1834M85, C96
    |--*M. coenosa Hope 1834 [incl. M. ceramboides Hope 1834]C96
    |--M. affinis Blackburn 1890C96
    `--M. sinuaticollis Blackburn 1890C96
  Chrostus Candèze 1878M85, C96
    `--*C. quadrifoveolatus Candèze 1878 [=Chrosis quadrifoveolatus]C96

Lacon Laporte 1838KB11, J02 [incl. Aulacon Arnett 1952J02, Diphyaulon Arnett 1952J02, Lepidelater Smith 1969J02, Lepidotus Stephens 1830J02, Zalepia Arnett 1952J02]

Lacon modestus Boisduval 1835C96 [incl. L. coomani Fleutiaux 1927C96, L. modestus var. major Fleutiaux 1889F89, L. nigroplagiatus (Blanchard 1853)C96]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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