Moraea crispa, from Silverhill Seeds and Books.

Belongs within: Iridaceae.

Moraea, the Cape tulips, is a genous of corm-bearing herbs native to southern Africa.

Characters (from Flora of Victoria): Perennial herb, leaves and flowers annual; corm globose or ovoid, outer layers fibrous to woody, sometimes with bulbils. Stem sometimes below ground at flowering. Leaves 1–several, rarely numerous, basal or sub-basal, linear, laterally channelled, flat or terete, sometimes with bulbils in leaf axils. Inflorescence with scape branched or unbranched; flowers clustered or solitary, sometimes with numerous flower clusters appressed to scape; primary bracts 2, rarely numerous, usually herbaceous. Perianth parts united basally into tube or free and abruptly narrowed basally, subequal or inner perianth shorter than outer, the inner sometimes greatly reduced; staminal filaments united or almost completely united, rarely free, anthers usually linear, often appressed to style-branches; ovary globose to oblong-linear; style usually short, 3-branched, petaloid, each branch divided or 2-lobed or style terete with 3 stigmatic lobes. Capsule ovoid to cylindric or club-shaped, sometimes membranous, enclosed by, or exceeding primary bracts; seeds numerous, angular.

`--M. sect. Polyanthes [incl. Roggeveldia Goldblatt 1979]MG06
|--M. crispaMG06
|--M. fistulosa [=*Roggeveldia fistulosa]MG06
|--M. marginata Manning & Goldblatt 2006MG06
`--M. monticola [=Roggeveldia montana Goldblatt 1992]MG06

Moraea incertae sedis:
M. flaccidaDAF07
M. garipensisCV06
M. graniticolaCV06
M. hexaglottisCV06
M. miniataDAF07
M. namibensisCV06
M. ramosissimaDE06
M. rigidifoliaCV06
M. schimperiDVC08
M. serpentinaERV99
M. tortilisERV99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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