African pied wagtail Motacilla aguimp, copyright Bernard Dupont.

Belongs within: Motacillidae.

Motacilla, the wagtails, is a genus of slender, boldly patterned songbirds with a characteristic behaviour of continually moving the tail up and down.

<==Motacilla Linnaeus 1758M02
    |--+--M. flaviventrisBKB15
    |  `--+--M. capensisBKB15
    |     `--M. claraBKB15
    |          |--M. c. claraL03
    |          `--M. c. chapini Amadon 1954L03
    `--+--+--M. aguimp Temminck 1820BKB15, ICZN96 [incl. M. arenarea Wilkes 1817 (nom. rej.)ICZN96]
       |  `--Amaurocichla bocageiBKB15
       `--+--+--M. citreolaBKB15
          |  `--+--M. flava Linnaeus 1758BKB15, L03
          |     |    |--M. f. flava (see below for synonymy)L03
          |     |    |--M. f. cinereocapilla Savi 1831 [incl. Budytes megarhynchos Brehm 1842]L03
          |     |    |--M. f. feldeggL03
          |     |    |--M. f. iberiae Hartert 1921 (see below for synonymy)L03
          |     |    |--M. f. macronyxVP89
          |     |    |--M. f. plexaWBSJ82
          |     |    |--M. f. pygmaea (Brehm 1854) [=Budytes pygmaeus]L03
          |     |    |--M. f. simillima Hartert 1905L03
          |     |    `--M. f. taivanaVP89
          |     `--M. tschutschensisBKB15 [=M. flava tschutsehensisL03]
          `--+--M. madaraspatensisBKB15
             `--+--M. grandisBKB15
                `--+--M. alba Linnaeus 1758BKB15, L03
                   |    |--M. a. alba [incl. M. fasciata Brehm 1855 non Bechstein 1795]L03
                   |    |--M. a. baicalensisM03
                   |    |--M. a. leucopsisM03
                   |    |--M. a. ocularisM03
                   |    `--M. a. personaterVP89
                   `--M. lugensBKB15 [=M. alba lugensM03]
Motacilla incertae sedis:
  M. acredula Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. calidris Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. caspicaG73
  M. curruca Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. emeria Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. erithacus Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. ficedula Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. hippolais Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. humata Milne-Edwards 1871M02
  M. lugubrisV41
  M. major Milne-Edwards 1871M02
  M. minuta Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. pendulinus Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. philomela Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. phoenicurus Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. regulus Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. rubetra Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. ruticilla Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. salicaria Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. samveasnaeJT12
  M. schoenobaenus Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. sialis Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. sylvia Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. titys Linnaeus 1758L58
  M. trochilus Linnaeus 1758L58

Motacilla flava flava Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Budytes chlorocephalus Brehm 1850, B. fasciatus Brehm 1855 nec Motacilla fasciata Bechstein 1795 nec B. fasciatus Zander 1851 nec M. fasciata Brehm 1855, B. paradoxus Brehm 1855, B. superciliaris Brehm 1854]L03

Motacilla flava iberiae Hartert 1921 [=Budytes fasciatus Brehm ex Zander 1851 non Motacilla fasciata Bechstein 1795]L03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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