Mughiphantes sp., copyright Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Belongs within: Linyphiidae.

Mughiphantes is a genus of small spiders in the Lepthyphantes complex.

Characters (from Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006): Proscapus disc-like or pear-shaped, more or less thickened; scape more or less rigid, moving only at its base and only very slightly, middle part extremely short or absent.

<==Mughiphantes Saaristo & Tanasevitch 1999TS06
    |--M. alticola (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes alticola]TS06
    |--M. anachoretus (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes anachoretus]TS06
    |--M. ancoriformis (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes ancoriformis]TS06
    |--M. bicornis Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. cuspidatus Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. falxus Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. faustus (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes faustus]TS06
    |--M. inermus Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. longiproper Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. numilionis (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes numilionis]TS06
    |--M. occultus (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes occultus]TS06
    |--M. restrictus Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. rotundatus (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes rotundatus]TS06
    |--M. setifer (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes setifer]TS06
    |--M. setosus Tanasevitch & Saaristo 2006TS06
    |--M. sherpa (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes sherpa]TS06
    `--M. yeti (Tanasevitch 1987) [=Lepthyphantes yeti]TS06

*Type species of generic name indicated


[TS06] Tanasevitch, A. V., & M. I. Saaristo. 2006. Reassessment of the Nepalese species of the genus Lepthyphantes Menge s. l. with descriptions of new Micronetinae genera and species (Araneae, Linyphiidae, Micronetinae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 86 (1): 11–38.

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