Pseudoschloenbachia umbulazi, from Walaszczyk et al. (2014).

Belongs within: Desmoceratoidea.

The Muniericeratidae are an Upper Cretaceous (Lower Turonian to Lower Campanian) lineage of moderately involute ammonites (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Moderately involute, with more or less fastigiate whorl section; generally with sinuous ribs tending to be tuberculate at umbilical and ventrolateral shoulders; midlateral tubercles may also occur. Suture with rather shallow and coarsely denticulate elements, the number of auxiliary lobes decreasing with time.

Muniericeratidae [Pseudoschloenbachiinae]WCH96
| i. s.: Texasia Reeside 1932 [incl. Lehmaniceras Collignon 1966]WCH96
| |--*T. dentatocarinata (Roemer 1852) [=Ammonites dentatocarinatus]WCH96
| `--T. sornayi (Collignon 1966) [=*Lehmaniceras sornayi]WCH96
|--Tragodesmoceras Spath 1922WCH96
| |--*T. clypealoides (Leonhard 1897) [=Desmoceras clypealoides]WCH96
| |--T. bassiP93
| |--T. carlilenseWCH96
| `--T. socorroenseP93
`--+--Muniericeras Grossouvre 1894 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| |--*M. lapparenti Grossouvre 1894WCH96
| |--*Morrisites’ louwi Hoepen 1968WCH96
| `--*Praemuniericeras’ proprium Collignon 1966WCH96
`--Pseudoschloenbachia Spath 1921WCH96
| i. s.: P. bouleiK79
| P. dichotomaK79
|--P. (Pseudoschloenbachia)WCH96
| |--*P. (P.) umbulazi (Baily 1855) [=Ammonites umbulazi]WCH96
| `--P. (P.) griesbachiWCH96
|--P. (Besairiella Collignon 1969)WCH96
| `--P. (*B.) besairiei Collignon 1969WCH96
|--P. (Buehrierella Collignon 1969) [incl. Termierella Collignon 1969]WCH96
| |--P. (*B.) buehreri Collignon 1969WCH96
| `--P. (*Termierella’) lenticularis Collignon 1969WCH96
|--P. (Condamyella Collignon 1969)WCH96
| `--P. (*C.) condamyi Collignon 1969WCH96
|--P. (Fournierella Collignon 1966)WCH96
| `--P. (*F.) fournieri (Grossouvre 1894) [=Schloenbachia fournieri]WCH96
|--P. (Hirtziella Collignon 1969)WCH96
| `--P. (*H.) inornata Collignon 1969WCH96
|--P. (Hourcqiella Collignon 1969)WCH96
| `--P. (*H.) bererensis Collignon 1969WCH96
|--P. (Rabenjanaharyella Collignon 1969)WCH96
| `--P. (*R.) rhomboidalis Collignon 1969WCH96
|--P. (Rabiella) Collingon 1969WCH96
| `--P. (*R.) orthogona Collignon 1969WCH96
`--P. (Vendegiesiella Collignon 1969)WCH96
`--P. (*V.) spinosa Collignon 1969WCH96

Muniericeras Grossouvre 1894 [incl. Morrisites Hoepen 1968 nec Buckman 1921 nec Gibson 1955, Praemuniericeras Collignon 1966]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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