Cape myrtle Myrsine africana, copyright A. Barra.

Belongs within: Primulales.

Myrsine is a widespread genus of trees and shrubs with simple leathery leaves; flowers and fruits often do not develop until after leaves are shed and so appear naked on the branches (Allan 1961).

Characters (from Allan 1961). Flowers 4–5-merous, perfect to unisexual, usually in cymose fascicles, sometimes solitary. Sepals free or connate towards base; petals free or partly connate. Staminal filaments obsolete to evident, free or more or less adnate to petals; anthers dorsifixed. Style obsolete to evident; stigma capitate. Ovary superior; fruit a one-seeded globose drupe; fruits often not maturing until year after flowering. Calyx and style long-persistent.

<==Myrsine Linnaeus 1753A61
|--*M. africanaA61 [incl. M. retusaC55b]
|--M. acranthaJ87
|--M. australis (Rich.) Allan 1947A61 (see below for synonymy)
|--M. chathamica Muell. 1864 [=Rapanea chathamica (Muell.) Oliver 1951, Suttonia chathamica (Muell.) Mez 1902]A61
|--M. coriacea (Sw.) Br. ex Roem. & Schult. in L. 1819 (see below for synonymy)L95
|--M. coxii Cockayne 1902 [=Rapanea coxii (Cockayne) Oliver 1951, Suttonia coxii Cockayne 1903]A61
|--M. dependensC55a
|--M. divaricata Cunn. 1839A61 (see below for synonymy)
|--M. floridana DC. 1834L95
|--M. kermadecensis Cheesem. 1892 [=Rapanea kermadecensis (Cheesem.) Mez 1902, Suttonia kermadecensis Cheesem. 1925]A61
|--M. kimberleyensisLK14
|--M. magnoliifoliaJ87
|--M. montana Hooker 1864 (see below for synonymy)A61
|--M. nubicolaJ87
|--M. nummularia Hooker 1864 [=Suttonia nummularia Hooker 1854, Rapanea nummularia (Hooker) Oliver 1951]A61
|--M. oliveri Allan 1961 [=Suttonia dentata Oliver 1948 non M. dentata Spreng. 1828, Rapanea dentata Oliver 1951]A61
|--M. rapaneaC55a
|--M. salicina Heward ex Hooker 1864 [=Suttonia salicina Hooker 1844, Rapanea salicina (Hooker) Mez 1902]A61
|--M. semiserrataD07
|--M. trinitatisL95
`--M. variabilisH87

Myrsine australis (Rich.) Allan 1947A61 [=Suttonia australis Rich. 1832A61, Rapanea australis (Rich.) Oliver 1951A61; incl. M. richardiana Endl. 1836A61, M. urvillei DC. 1834A61, Rapanea urvilleiC06]

Myrsine coriacea (Sw.) Br. ex Roem. & Schult. in L. 1819 [=Samara coriacea Sw. 1788, Rapanea coriacea (Sw.) Mez in Urb. 1901; incl. Myrsine berterii DC. 1834, Caballeria ferruginea Ruiz & Pavon 1798, M. ferruginea (Ruiz & Pavon) Spreng. in L. 1825, Rapanea ferruginea (Ruiz & Pavon) Mez in Urb. 1901]L95

Myrsine divaricata Cunn. 1839A61 [=Rapanea divaricata (Cunn.) Oliver 1951A61, Suttonia divaricata (Cunn.) Hook. f. 1844A61; incl. M. pendula Colenso 1889C06]

Myrsine montana Hooker 1864 [=Suttonia divaricata var. montana Hooker 1854, Rapanea montana (Hooker) Oliver 1951; incl. Myrsine neo-zealandensis Colenso 1890, Suttonia novo-zelandensis (Colenso) Mez 1902]A61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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