Male Heteromysis harpaxoides, from Daneliya (2012).

Belongs within: Mysidacea.
Contains: Mysinae.

The Mysida, opossum shrimps, are an ecologically diverse group of small, shrimp-like crustaceans characterised by the presence of females of a marsupium (brood pouch) beneath the thorax in which larvae are reared.

    |  i. s.: SiriellaBWW93
    |           |--S. antiqua Secretan & Riou 1986BWW93
    |           |--S. clausiPP64
    |           `--S. jaltensisPP64
    |         Elder ungulatus Münster 1839BWW93
    |         Francocaris grimmi Broili 1917BWW93
    |         Boreomysis scyphopsO01
    |--Stygiomysis Caroli 1937 [Stygiomysidae]B86
    |    |--S. clarkei Bowman, Iliffe & Yager 1984B86
    |    |--S. holthuisi (Gordon 1958)B86
    |    |--S. hydruntina Caroli 1937B86
    |    `--S. major Bowman 1976B86
    |--Spelaeomysis Caroli 1924 [Lepidomysidae]B86
    |    |--S. bottazzii Caroli 1924B86
    |    |--S. cardisomae Bowman 1973B86
    |    |--S. longipes (Pillai & Mariamma 1963)B86
    |    |--S. nuniezi Băcescu & Orghidani 1971B86
    |    |--S. olivae Bowman 1973B86
    |    |--S. quinterensis Villalobos 1951B86
    |    `--S. servatus Fage 1924B86
         |  i. s.: IdiomysisC08
         |           |--I. inermis Tattersall 1922C08
         |           |--I. japonicus Murano 1978 [=I. japonica]C08
         |           |--I. mozambicus Deprez et al. 2001C08
         |           |--I. robustus Connell 2008C08
         |           `--I. tsurnamali Bacescu 1973C08
         |         Kainommatomysis Tattersall 1922C08
         |           |--K. foxi Tattersall 1927C08
         |           |--K. schieckei Bacescu 1973C08
         |           `--K. zuluensis Connell 2008C08
         |         AustralerythropsC08
         |           |--A. africanus Connell 2008C08
         |           `--A. paradicei Tattersall 1927C08
         |         Retromysis Wittmann 2004F05
         |           `--*R. nura Wittmann 2004F05
         |         Mysideis Sars 1869S00
         |           |--*M. insignisS00
         |           `--M. grandis (Goës 1864) [=Mysis grandis]S00
         `--Heteromysinae [Heteromysini]D12
              |--Heteromysoides Băcescu 1968B86
              |    `--H. cotti (Calman 1932)B86
              `--Heteromysis Smith 1873D12
                   |  i. s.: H.cottiRO69
                   |         H. gracilis Murano 1988D12
                   |         H. tasmanica Tattersall 1927D12
                   |         H. waitei Tattersall 1927D12
                   |--H. (Heteromysis)D12
                   |    |--H. (H.) australica Băcescu & Bruce 1980D12
                   |    |--H. (H.) communis Băcescu 1986D12
                   |    |--H. (H.) gymnura Tattersall 1922D12
                   |    |--H. (H.) heronensis Băcescu 1979D12
                   |    |--H. (H.) spinosa Băcescu 1986D12
                   |    `--H. (H.) tethysiana Băcescu 1983D12
                   |--H. (Gnathomysis Bonnier & Perez 1902)D12
                   |    |--H. (G.) harpaxoides Băcescu & Bruce 1980D12
                   |    `--H. (G.) stellata Băcescu & Bruce 1980D12
                   `--H. (Olivemysis Băcescu 1968)D12
                        |--H. (O.) abrucei Băcescu 1979D12
                        |--H. (O.) dardani Wittmann 2008D12
                        |--H. (O.) essingtonensis Murano 1988D12
                        |--H. (O.) macrophthalma Băcescu 1983D12
                        |--H. (O.) maxima Murano 1998D12
                        |--H. (O.) ningaloo Daneliya 2012D12
                        |--H. (O.) quadrispinosa Murano 1988D12
                        |--H. (O.) sexspinosa Murano 1988D12
                        |--H. (O.) tenuispina Murano 1988D12
                        |--H. (O.) wirtzi Wittmann 2008D12
                        `--H. (O.) zeylanica Tattersall 1922D12

*Type species of generic name indicated


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