Pale four-line blue Nacaduba hermus, copyright Budak.

Belongs within: Polyommatini.

Nacaduba is an Indo-Pacific genus of blue butterflies with brown underwings bearing parallel pale streaks (Wang & Fan 2002). Larvae of most species are not attended by ants though a small number are associated with Dolichoderinae (Braby 2000).

Characters (from Wang & Fan 2002): Eyes and palpi hairy, fore wing veins Sc and R1 briefly anastomosed, hind wing usually with a tail. Underside ground colour brown, with parallel pale streaks. Male genitalia with juxta Y-shaped, with slender lateral arms, phallus with a process on suprazonal sheath varied greatly, cornuti indistinct, valvae variable, usually serrated at distal margin.

<==Nacaduba Moore 1881B00
|--*N. prominens (Moore 1877) [=Lampides prominens]WF02
|--N. berenice (Herrich-Schäffer 1869) [=Lycaena berenice]WF02
| |--N. b. bereniceWF02
| `--N. b. plumbeomicans (Wood-Mason & de Nicéville 1880) [=Lampides plumbeomicans]WF02
|--N. beroe (Felder & Felder 1865) [=Lycaena beroe]WF02
| |--N. b. beroeWF02
| |--N. b. asakusa Fruhstorfer 1906 [=N. atrata asakusa, N. kurava asakusa]WF02
| `--N. b. gythion Fruhstorfer 1916 [=N. atrata gythion]WF02
|--N. biocellata (Felder & Felder 1865)B12
| |--N. b. biocellataPP02
| `--N. b. armillataPP02
|--N. calauria (Felder 1860)B00
|--N. cyanea (Cramer 1775) [=Danis cyanea]B00
| |--N. c. cyaneaB00
| |--N. c. arinia (Oberthur 1878)B00
| |--N. c. epicoritus (Boisduval 1832)B00
| `--N. c. manto (Grose-Smith & Kirby 1896)B00
|--N. dyopaPP02
|--N. hermus (Felder 1860) [=Lycaena hermus]WF02
| |--N. h. hermusWF02
| `--N. h. nabo Fruhstorfer 1916 [=N. pavana nabo]WF02
|--N. kurava (Moore 1858) [=Lycaena kurava]WF02
| |--N. k. kuravaB00
| |--N. k. euplea Fruhstorfer 1916 [=N. perusia euplea]WF02
| |--N. k. felsina Waterhouse & Lyell 1914B00
| |--N. k. parma Waterhouse & Lyell 1914B00
| `--N. k. therasia Fruhstorfer 1916 [=N. perusia therasia]WF02
|--N. pactolus (Felder 1860) [=Lycaena pactolus]WF02
| |--N. p. pactolusB00
| |--N. p. cela Waterhouse & Lyell 1914B00
| |--N. p. contientalis Fruhstorfer 1916WF02
| |--N. p. hainani Bethune-Baker 1914WF02
| `--N. p. tibetana Huang 1998WF02
|--N. samoensisPP02
`--N. sichelaB01

Nomen nudum: Nacaduba nora nana Nakamura in Kishida 1933 [=Nacaduva (l. c.) nora nana, Prosotas nana]TYM08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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