Nanhermannia nana, copyright R. Penttinen.

Belongs within: Holonota.

The Nanhermanniidae is a cosmopolitan family of heavily sclerotised, slow-moving mites (Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009). In members of the genus Masthermannia, the setae on the hysterosoma are prominently T-shaped and often inserted in swollen tubercles (Woolley & Higgins 1958).

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Body cylindrical, somewhat elongated; holoid, with epimera II and III fused so that sejugal articulation only present dorsally; proterosoma not retractable into hysterosoma. Prodorsum posteriorly with tubercles or ridges directed over dorsosejugal furrow; base of bothridial seta with conspicuous sharp proximal d bend. Notogaster not subdivided transversely; fused to ventral region in posterior half, giving appearance of pair of crescent-shaped scissures directed between widely separated genital and anal plates. Legs with five free segments past coxisternum, femora undivided; genua similar in size and shape to tibiae, not reduced to kneelike segment.

<==Nanhermanniidae [Nanhermannioidea]S04
    |--Dendrohermannia Balogh 1985S04
    |    `--*D. monstruosa (Aoki 1977) [=Cosmohermannia monstruosa]S04
    |--Notohermannia Balogh 1985S04
    |    `--*N. obtusa Balogh 1985S04
    |--Cosmohermannia Aoki & Yoshida 1970S04
    |    |--*C. frondosa Aoki & Yoshida 1970S04
    |    `--C. robusta (Aoki 1994) [=Nippohermannia robusta]S04
    |--Bicyrthermannia Hammer 1979S04
    |    |--*B. duodentata Hammer 1979S04
    |    |--B. bicornuta (Haq 1978) [=Cyrthermannia bicornuta]S04
    |    |--B. cagayana (Corpuz-Raros 1979) [=Cyrthermannia cagayana]S04
    |    `--B. foliata (Mahunka 1985) [=Cyrthermannia foliata]S04
    |--Masthermannia Berlese 1913 [incl. Phyllonothrus Sellnick 1959, Posthermannia Grandjean 1954]S04
    |    |--*M. mamillaris (Berlese 1904)S04 [=Angelia mamillarisS04; incl. *Posthermannia nematophora Grandjean 1954WH58, S04]
    |    |--M. extrema (Balogh 1958) (n. d.) [=Posthermannia extrema]S04
    |    |--M. grandjeani (Balogh 1958) (n. d.) [=Posthermannia grandjeani]S04
    |    |--M. hirsuta (Hartman 1949)S04 [=Nanhermannia hirsutaS04, Posthermannia hirsutaWH58]
    |    |--M. ornatissima Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1988S04
    |    `--M. runcifer (Sellnick 1959)S04 [=*Phyllonothrus runciferS59]
    |--Cyrthermannia Balogh 1958 [incl. Linothrus Tseng 1982]S04
    |    |--*C. tuberculata Balogh 1958S04
    |    |--C. baloghorum Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1988S04
    |    |--C. bicornicula Tseng 1982S04
    |    |--C. ezzati Bayoumi & Mahunka 1977S04
    |    |--C. florens Balogh & Mahunka 1980S04
    |    |--C. formosana Tseng 1982S04
    |    |--C. guadeloupensis Mahunka 1985S04
    |    |--C. luminosa Hammer 1971S04
    |    |--C. parallela (Aoki 1961)B65
    |    |--C. perinfamis (Tseng 1982) (n. d.)S04 [=*Linothrus perinfamisBB92]
    |    |--C. quadricornuta Chakrabarti & Bhaduri 1978S04
    |    |--C. simplex Mahunka 1985S04
    |    |--C. stellata Balogh 1970S04
    |    `--C. vicinicornuta Aoki 1965S04
    `--Nanhermannia Berlese 1913S04
         |--N. (Nanhermannia)S04
         |    |--*N. (N.) nana (Nicolet 1855)S04 [=Nothrus nanusS04, Hermannia nanusWH58]
         |    |--N. (N.) acutisetosa Hammer 1966S04
         |    |--N. (N.) bifurcata Fujikawa 1990S04
         |    |--N. (N.) comitalis Berlese 1916 [incl. N. ussurica Golosova 1969]S04
         |    |--N. (N.) continua Golosova & Karppinen 1985S04
         |    |--N. (N.) domrowi Balogh & Mahunka 1978S04
         |    |--N. (N.) dorsalis (Banks 1896) [=Carabodes dorsalis; incl. N. coronata Berlese 1913]S04
         |    |--N. (N.) elegantissima Hammer 1958S04
         |    |--N. (N.) elegantula Berlese 1913 [incl. N. areolata Strenzke 1953]S04
         |    |--N. (N.) fenneri Balogh 1970S04
         |    |--N. (N.) forsslundi Karppinen 1958S04
         |    |--N. (N.) gladiata Balogh 1985S04 [=N. galdiataCH98]
         |    |--N. (N.) gorodkovi Sitnikova 1975S04
         |    |--N. (N.) grandjeani Lee 1985S04
         |    |--N. (N.) himalayensis Chakrabarti & Raychaudhuri 1978S04
         |    |--N. (N.) komareki Kunst 1956S04
         |    |--N. (N.) laevis Sitnikova 1975S04
         |    |--N. (N.) milloti Balogh 1961S04
         |    |--N. (N.) nasata (Warburton 1912) [=Hermannia nasata]S04
         |    |--N. (N.) pectinata Strenzke 1953S04
         |    |--N. (N.) pluriseta Mahunka 1984S04
         |    |--N. (N.) quadridentata Balogh 1958S04
         |    |--N. (N.) sabahensis Fujikawa 1990 [incl. N. pluriseta Mahunka 1988 non Mahunka 1984]S04
         |    |--N. (N.) sellnicki Forsslund 1958S04
         |    |--N. (N.) tenuicoma Hammer 1966S04
         |    |--N. (N.) tenuisetosa Balogh 1985S04
         |    |--N. (N.) thaiensis Aoki 1965S04
         |    |--N. (N.) tokara Aoki 1987 [=N. nana tokara]S04
         |    |--N. (N.) transversaria Hammer 1972S04
         |    `--N. (N.) triangula Fujikawa 1990S04
         `--N. (Nippohermannia Balogh 1985)S04
              `--N. (*N.) paralella Aoki 1961S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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